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Blog 4 – Food & Wine

The Athens Central Market

with the market being right outside the hotel I’m surprised that we didn’t tour this place sooner, our tour was kinda loose but I found it to be fascinating. The market itself was split into a couple different sections even stretching across the street. There was so much fresh produce, most of it being fresh fish. But there was so fresh meat of every kind. Every part of the cow was sold from the tongue to the internal organs, whole chickens and whole lambs. From the Ocean of freshly caught fish to every part of the cow being cut up and sold it was a completely different experience that what you would see in the U.S.


The winery we went to was a really well put together family owned operation. its in the middle of this really nice valley and had so many different vineyards that produced all types of grapes for wine. We were given a tour of most of their facility as well as their wine cellar. after we toured the property we were able to take three for their wines. A red, rose, and a white wine. Im not too fond of alcohol and I tend to avoid it but the wines that I tried were okay, I don’t have enough experience with wine to tell weather or not they were quality or not

Feta Cheese Producer

The feta cheese Produce was not at all what I was expecting. I was expecting to tour around the facility like we did at the winery but we ended up sitting in the front yard of their house while eating food that had their product in it and talking about the concept of cheese while their daughter played piano for us. It was an interesting experience to say the least


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