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What better way to spend the day than eating some great cheese and tasting some amazing wine? I can’t think of anything else.


On this day, we had to get an early start to make it to the winery that was a couple of hours away from Athens. Once there, we were greeted by a beautiful vineyard and jaw dropping scenery. We got to take an inside look at how the wine was made with all the different equipment and machines they use to produce the wine. After the tour, we all sat down for the wine tasting. There were three wines we tried: a white wine, a rose, and a red wine. The white wine had a vegetal taste to it, the rose was a little sweeter and more berry forward, and the red wine tasted like an olive to me. I enjoyed the rose the most, so I bought a bottle to bring back to my family in their hotel to try.

When we left the winery, we stopped at a town that seemed to be deserted at first. Then, it was realized that it was a holiday that day, and that’s why all the shops were closed. All except one. There were very few people working in the restaurant though, and we didn’t have much time to wait for all our food to be ready. Instead, we got back on the bus and opted for a gas station lunch on the way to the feta cheese producer.

Feta Cheese Producer

After that lunch, I was ready to chow down on some cheese and see how it’s made. When I heard that we were going to a feta cheese producer, I was so excited because feta cheese is one of my all-time favorite cheeses. I was expecting to see some farm animals and perhaps how exactly the cheese is made there. However, we were mostly sat for the duration of the stay there and ate some cheese and pasta that the producers made. Although I appreciated the meal (especially the feta cheese), I was expecting more out of the tour and was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more to see there.

Athens Central Market

A few days later, we walked around the Athens Central Market where we saw a bunch of seafood and meat vendors. When I first got to Greece, my dad and I actually walked through the meat vendor side of it. During that walk with my dad, we came across a little oyster bar where the man shucked and prepared the oysters right in front of us. He also served us some fresh watermelon juice which was absolutely delicious with the oysters. The oysters were insanely good. You could taste how fresh it was, and it was by far the best oyster I have ever had. Since I had already been through the market though, it was a little boring for me. It was still cool to see everything set up the way it was though.

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