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The first thing to note for this blog is how amazing the food is. Yes, the service may not be as great from what we are used to back home in America but nonetheless no one can deny Greek cuisine is definitely top tier. We were served a lot of food that day and some of the girls decided to give it to the homeless people of the city which was very nice and thoughtful of them. The day before we had been to the Wyndham Hotel, a beautiful establishment with awesome amenities, but to me the market and local stores are what always makes me so happy especially because they’re usually a mom and pop shop. 

The winery’s views were to die for. When we first arrived, we had a tour of the building and we were taught how wine gets made and stored. It was really interesting to learn the different details that make the difference in between the different kids of wines. I specially found it fascinating to see all the barrels (Can you imagine almost a whole lifetime passes by before it’s served?) The wine itself was different, but not bad, and since she explained the tones would be more “earthy”, I was prepared. To wrap it up, I bought my dad’s favorite wine as a way to thank him for helping me be able to come on this beautiful trip. 

The Feta Cheese Producer was exactly what I expected, a family run business with quality cheese. Although they’re not a restaurant or anything of the sort, their service was amazing and they were so incredibly nice. I didn’t go on the small side quest to check out how cheeses were made but I stayed behind listening to the owner’s daughter play the piano as we enjoyed their products and got to know each other better.

Overall, these two days were some of my favorites because we were able to learn in-depth some of Greek’s top economic powers. Everyone that worked there was so welcoming and I learned a lot about their respective fields. 

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