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Our first trip was to The Acropolis. The weather was very hot but I had so much fun walking with the group and looking around Athens as we explored and enjoyed the new experience of the train here in Greece. Our tour guide was very nice and she gave us very important information, such as be careful with the floor because it’s very slippery! Just kidding. The Acropolis has a very interesting story as it served as both a refugee and defense place and also all, including civilians, were allowed in. There were a lot of tourists, obviously to be expected, but many more than I had imagined would be. We saw the theatre on the way up but the minute my eyes laid on The Parthenon, I was in awe. Immediately we all started taking pics, but as we went up more the better the view was.
There were other temples and buildings as well which were also so beautiful, like the maidens. I thought to myself “How cool must it have been for ancient Greeks to hang around here” almost every 2 minutes. Our forbidden photo was definitely the best part! To wrap up The Acropolis, we had dinner and called it a night.
Delphi was magical. The view was to die for and the town was so picturesque. What caught my attention right away was that it was located literally in the middle of a mountain, there were so many cats, and again super hot. Honestly, I don’t even mind the heat anymore. The story of Delphi begins by demonstrating a transition period from the worship of the Goddess Gaia to Apollo. It was believed he spoke through his high priestess (who by the way, changed the requirement from virgin non-married women to married women after she met her husband). In reality, people just got very vague answers and she was high out of her mind. Still a precious historical moment. We also saw where their offerings were sold, some of the statues that were offered as a way to thank Apollo and also show off their wealth, and where they’d practice for the games or enjoy a play. The museum was so interesting because they show case these pieces and preserve them really well, but our tour guide was so good at painting a picture of how it must’ve been set up and I really enjoyed that. Finally, we ended the tour and said goodbye to Delphi for now.

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