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Blog 3 – The Start of the Trip of my Dreams!

Like a stated in a couple blogs ago, I was very excited to visit the Acropolis because I had only ever seen it on TikTok Videos and Instagram pictures. To get to the top of the Acropolis, we had to climb a lot of steps which for a pretty athletic person, it had me winded. However when we got to the top I soon realized that the hike upward was worth it. You get what you work for and boy let me tell you it was totally worth every breath I wasted climbing those steps. The higher we climbed the more unreal the view got. It did not seem real and of course my camera could not capture the intensity of Athen’s beauty. We were met with views of mountains and the city below our feet. It was just breathtaking. As we finally walked into the Acropolis, we were greeted by a gust of heavy wind. I do not know how theseInstagram models do it, because it was actually a struggle to take picture not because of the crowd but because I was constantly fighting for my life every time the wind blew. As far as the New Acropolis Museum goes, I was really impressed upon our arrival. Not only did it have air conditioning which is a luxury that I took for granted, but the set up of the museum was like no other. Everything was so pleasing to the eye and the ambiance made me want to actually learn everything there was to learn in the museum. Shortly after, we left and ended up going to a rooftop dinner which had the most exquisite view of the Acropolis as we ate and conversed. The next day we went to Delphi, where we learned more about the ancient ruins and about the offering that each city would give to Apollo. This city was by far my favorite places that we have visited thus far. It was not too touristy if you know what I mean. It was not as crowded, which gave us more time  to actually absorb the city and not feel rushed to take a pictures. Do not even get me started on the view. It really gave the Acropolis a run for its money. I am still trying to decide which view I like better, but there is no debate about which city I liked better.

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