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Blog 3 – Greek History

The Acropolis 

Going to the acropolis was one of the coolest parts of the trip. we were given a tour of the entire and structure as well as the surrounding hills and other structures. we were shown the temple of Athena and its recitations, one of the theaters and the pillars of heritage. The day of the tour was both really hot and really windy which made being on top of the acropolis a bit of a challenge. while at the top there was sand blowing around sand getting under sunglasses into my eyes which wasn’t the best but it was still really cool to see the Parthenon up close and personal.

New acropolis museum

After the visit to the acropolis we all went to the New Acropolis Museum  and were given free reign of the museum so we could explore. the option of an audio tour was available but I decided to walk around with my roommate and look around at my own pace. The Museum itself was full of Greek artifacts and history from the acropolis site and beyond. it had a ton of marble pieces from the acropolis and around Athens, mainly statues of Athena but it was still really cool.


another one of our tips was to Delphi. it was quite the long drive but I was incredibly worth it. The scenery going to and around Delhi was stunning. Pictures do not do a justice how grand the mountains were. The village of Delphi itself was on the side of one of these mountains, you could see right down into the valley. while in Delphi we toured the temple of Apollo and the museum the was also located in the park. We toured around the museum and were able to see a lot of historical statues such as the charioteer what was the most impressive piece there in my opinion. there was so much detail, its a shame that the rest hasn’t been recovered.


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