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Blog 3: Ancient Greece

The Acropolis & Delphi

When coming on this trip my number 1 expectation was to discover the rich history of Greece and its people, I was not disappointed as in there are many stories and artifacts in many museums that date millions of years ago. Most of which is still intact! My favorite spot was when we stood atop the Acropolis in Athens; the views were breathtaking, and the entire city of Athens was spread out under our feet. I was surprised to see that so much of the beloved Parthenon still had most of the rocks that were placed on the first day. It was an incredible climb to the top with the many people who were there to awe at the marvelous architecture. The next place we visited was the New Acropolis Museum, it was a beautiful spot that held glass floors to display ancient archaeological excavations. Each exhibit offered different insights; artistic achievements, daily lives, and religious practices. One of my favorites was seeing the Parthenon Marbles. The sculptures were originally part of the Parthenon temple and have created many debates over their rightful place in history. From Athens, it was a 3-hour bus ride to Delphi, my favorite part of Greece. Delphi holds a unique place in history since so many from around the world came here for guidance from Gods, politics, and personal destinies. It was believed to be the “center of the Earth”. Here we saw the iconic temple of Apollo, walked among ancient ruins, and went over to the Archaeological Museum. It holds what is remaining of offerings to the Gods, jewelry, statutes of heroes, and Gods. Delphi was a beautiful serene place in contrast to the loud noises of the city in Athens. It was my favorite!

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