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Blog 3: Aegina & Moni

Aegina & Moni

Let’s start off with our ferry ride to Aegina, it was the most comfortable boat ride of my life! Arriving in Aegina we started off visiting the pistachio deli, apparently, they are one of Aegina’s most popular desserts! Next, we visited the tower of Markellos, which looked like a building out of a movie. It was such a cool sight! We had some locals inform us on how to get to the Kyverneio, where the first governor of Greece had set his headquarters. Then some kind strangers we met at a nearby hotel on the street also directed us to the old theater of Aegina as well, although it was closed, it was definitely a cool spot during its time! After walking around in Aegina, and doing some shopping we decided to take a ferry to a nearby island, Moni. The boat ride was only 12 euros and 30 minutes long! After arriving on Moni Island we were in awe of how beautiful this place was. Peacocks were walking around everywhere, boats of people coming in and out of shore, some in the water, some sunbathing; it was one of my favorite spots of the trip. The owner of the beach club had let us know two chairs and one umbrella was 20 euros and the bar was open for snacks and refreshments. My friends and I got a quick lunch before heading into the beautiful water. The water was so clear, we saw all the fish swim around us! Since Greece’s “sand” consists of small rocks I opted to grab my beach sandals to get in, and almost lost them in the water since the salt solution is so high, everything was floating! We then went back to the chairs to sunbathe while two of my friends decided to go walk around the island for a bit. The atmosphere was so relaxing, my friend and I fell asleep instantly! We took a little power nap before heading back to the water where we met such kind locals! A lot of what I am realizing is that locals are very nice and quick to help here in contrast to the city where the people can come off a little colder. Before we knew it, it was time to head back to Aegina so we didn’t miss the ferry back to the hotel. On the ride back my friend and I got the best seats on the boat! Two spots right outside overlooking it all. I took endless pictures on the way back, I was in awe of the natural beauty.  I also had no clue Greece had so many islands. We saw at least six islands on our way back to Aegina. Before meeting the group we had some time to grab an ice cream, before getting on the ferry. I got, of course, pistachio ice cream and well, it’s definitely a favorite over there for a reason! We met up with the group under a tree branch while Katrina, our tour guide informed us of the plans for the next day. We had quite a sleepy ride back. When we arrived at the dock, a group of us decided to get a taxi since we were so exhausted from the day. It was a challenge to find one since it was pretty busy over there during rush hour. When we finally found one, we realized we were scammed out of our money! I would say definitely be aware of the taxis and Uber that try to scam American tourists, as this happens in most countries. Finally got to the hotel and took a quick shower before heading out to dinner. We decided to make it an easy trip since we were so hungry! The restaurant right next to our hotel was recommended by a local for its delicious gyros. The gyros were in fact scrumptious and only at 4 euros. We had a long dinner before heading back to the hotel to pack for our final days here! Overall, our day was so much fun and consisted of different and wonderful experiences with food, people, and sights. We learned so much from greek culture this day!

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