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Blog 3: Acropolis and Delphi

The Acropolis

Getting to see this historical landmark in person felt like a dream. Whenever I would think about Greece, the image of the Acropolis is what would come to mind. So, actually being there getting to see it in person did not feel real. Although I enjoyed getting the opportunity to see it, the actual trip itself was not the best. First of all, the walk was very long and the weather was so hot that day. Not only that, but extremely windy! I decided to wear a cap that day and when we had already reached the Acropolis, it was so windy that my cap almost flew off a couple of times. It was almost impossible to take any type of photos because of my hair blowing around or covering my face. The walk to actually get up to see the Acropolis took its toll on me. I have asthma, so several times I would start to feel short of breath from the walk and going up the tons of steps we had to take to actually see the landmark. Was all of this worth it though to see the famous Acropolis of Athens? I would say yes. Sure, the weather sucked and all of the walking was far from nice, but I’m happy the outcome was getting to view such a well-known landmark.

The Acropolis Museum

I enjoyed seeing some of the statues in the museum. Although I’m not really the biggest fan of archaeological museums, this was my first time going to one in Greece so of course I was going to explore as much as I could. Besides the statues, there were also slabs of stone with images of people engraved on them which I thought looked pretty cool. What I liked also was how there were parts of the museum floor that were glass and when you look down, you can see remnants of the Acropolis. The icing on the cake was of course the view of the historical landmark itself that could be seen from one of the upper floors. This was a nice and refreshing place to go to right after the long, hot walk that was the trip back from the Acropolis.


This small town was not bad. I thought the landscape was absolutely beautiful with all of the mountains and small houses. It felt very different from Athens. When we went to see the Temple of Apollo, the day was hot and there were bugs everywhere. Besides the weather, that’s probably the only thing I would complain about: THE BUGS! While listening to the tour guide talk to us about the archaeological site we were visiting, it was hard not to worry about a bug landing on me when they were flying around 24/7. Other than that, I did enjoy learning the history of the site and I personally found it interesting hearing the story of Apollo’s prophecies. Then, we went to the Delphi Archaeological Museum and got to see different statues while hearing the stories behind them. My favorites were the statue of Antinoos and the charioteer we saw at the end. I felt that the statue of the charioteer looked almost life-like, especially with those eyes that looked like they were staring into my soul. One of the things I’m happy to have done on this trip so far is exploring other locations, not only Athens; I never knew about Delphi or that it even existed to be honest, so I’m glad that I got to visit.

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