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The Acropolis:

The visit to the Parthenon and the Acropolis was a disaster at first, not because of the place, or anything related with going to the place, but because I used my phone to put on the alarm for that day and because of my bad luck my phone didn’t charge when I plugged it in, so my battery died while I was sleeping. I basically overslept the second day, one of the most important days, the day I was going to the parthenon. After me and Kyara woke up to a phone call from Dodge we immediately checked the time and it was 15 minutes late from the time we had to be downstairs in the lobby already going to the place. Miraculously, me and Kyara got prepared super quick and we caught a taxi to get there faster to catch up with the tour, instead of going by foot like the group did, which we fortunately made in (almost) time, but we still got there and saw everything we wanted. The acropolis is beautiful and the history behind the ruins is incredible as well as the remains that still stand. My favorite part of that day was the tour and the details the guide pointed out about everything surrounding us, like how the structure is made to withstand earthquakes, and the explanation about the events that led to the destruction of the place.

The New Acropolis Museum:

When we went to see the New Acropolis museum I remember that I didn’t expect the building to look modern and new, but more like an outdoor museum with old infrastructure from many years ago. But the place was full of very well-preserved sculptures, vases, carvings and anything of that sort. It even had a cafe restaurant and a reading area. Another thing from the museum which was also weird is the amount of sculptures with descriptions that would have written something like “may be the goddess Athena”, also I wasn’t aware at all before going here that most things shown in a museum are actually copies or reconstructions of the original, and almost all head sculptures have no nose, not just here, but in rome and other places as well. It was definitely interesting to see all those things and learn of art and history during my time in the museum.


Delphi was an incredible place, although it was hot and full of huge insects. The place is far from Athens, 2 or 3 hours away by bus. With the group we visited little towns with stray dogs and cats, and little to no people. The views from there are amazing, because it’s all mountain towns. I loved the tour of the Delphi museum, the relics and the offerings to the god Apollo that we saw, as well as the history that the guide was teaching us that made me realize why that place became desolate. I learned something interesting as well from the towns in Delphi, and that is that during the winter it snows and you can ski, so when we went there were signs of ski rentals at certain places and it was shocking learning that because I’ve always known Greece as a beach place only.

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