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  • The Acropolis

The Acropolis was beautiful. I’ve always seen photos of it but seeing it in person was breathtaking. I didn’t know that you can see the whole town of Athens from the top of where the Acropolis lays. I learned that the view from the Acropolis is also known as the view of a plate since everything is seen as a flat surface from the top. The only thing I disliked about the Acropolis is the amount of rocks and dirt that was getting in my eye because of how strong the winds were that day. I’m shocked that it still maintains it’s structure and the stones and pillars are still kept in place. It was cool to see from pictures what the Acropolis used to look like when it was fully built and what it looks like now. Overall the Acropolis was beautiful to see but the day in which we saw it was not the prettiest.

  • The New Acropolis Museum

The museum was amazing! I’m so glad we got the chance to hear and listen to an audio of what each artifact was and where it was recovered from and how old it dates back to. I learned that most pottery and some carved stones had color made from crystals like red jasper, malachite, amethyst and more. I myself love crystals so to know that some of these artifacts were made with these crystals really impressed me. I also learned the history of some of the goddesses and women sculptures that were depicted in the museum. I learned that one specific woman decided to kill her son because the father of her son had raped the woman’s sister and cut off her tongue; it had taken her sister some years to tell the woman what had happened because she couldn’t speak so she drew what happened in a story. Years later when the woman found out what the story her sister had drawn meant  she decided  to kill her son  to get revenge on her sons father. These type of story’s shock me but are some of the reasons why I love history; without the drawings that the sister had, the woman would have never known she was married to the wrong man.

In this same museum I learned a lot more about the greek goddess Athena and Hera coming to compromise with a treaty between Athens and Samos. Overall this museum was one of my favorite parts of the trip because of how much I learned and how cool it was to see all these artifacts dating back to such old times like 400 BC!

  • Delphi

Delphi so far has been my favorite part of this trip. Delphi was so cool to learn about, we learned that it’s the center of the earth because Zeus threw a ball shaped stone in the air and it landed in Delphi. The greek god Apollo was the one who made Delphi famous for his fortunes that he would tell, Apollo told the future and in return had everyone worship him to the point that they would give everything valuable that they had just for an answer that only his prophecy would know. Little did these people know he was lying to them. Apollo only said answers that were right or wrong based on how you saw the answer. ex: your baby will be a boy not girl. Based on how you read it was your answer but he was never to blame if you read it wrong because it didn’t have any commas or stops in the response for the sole purpose of not being able to tell the right answer. You could read it as boy, not girl or boy not, girl! I also learned that women were never allowed to be the ones with the spotlight. Men were the only ones allowed to be athletes, musicians, praised, and thought as smart; women were always seen as the caregiver and that’s all. As I mentioned before I love history, and getting to see and learn where  all these places and stories took place made me very happy.

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