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Blog 2 – Travel Day

My trip to Greece 

Traveling to Greece was an interesting experience, I took a direct flight from JFK to Athens international which was a nine hour flight. With this being my first time flying alone and my first time flying to Europe it was kinda stressful. Getting to Athens international was the easy part the hard part was being on the airport itself. when I landed I ended up not having service for the first couple hours but i managed to get service when i got the hotel. 

Predeparture reflection 

When getting to Greece I had realized that I forgot to pack enough socks. I only packed five. im not sure what happened, I remember putting ten pairs of socks in my suitcase but I guess they just don’t make it into my suitcase. I ended up making it work for the whole week though. Aside from my socks I had everything else I needed for the tip.


My first time in Athens was awesome. the first day I was able to take in some of the sights and culture of the city. we as a group didn’t do too much the first day but we did get to meet our tour guide for the first time, go to dinner, and at the end of the night a couple of us went up to the roof to relax. the view from the hotel roof was stunning, you were able to see the entire city and you were able to see the whole acropolis!

First dinner 

the first group dinner that we had was delicious. The restaurant was a smaller place right nest to some ruins and had a great view  of the acropolis. The food was amazing, for the appetizer there was a spread with hummus, olives some spicy feta and bread to dip. For the entree it was a roasted chicken with broccolini and potatoes with honey and tzatziki on top


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