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Blog 2 – The Light at the End of the Tunnel

So far, this trip has been amazing. Greece’s different cuisines and scenic views were breathtaking and left me away by its beauty. Although I made it here, it was no easy ride. A few of my classmates and myself missed our connecting flight from Istanbul, Turkey to Athens, Greece. Keep in mind that we had just got off of an eleven hour flight and woke up at 5:30 that same morning, making us awake for more than twenty four hours. Let’s just say that it was a mess. We ended up reaching our hotel 5 hours after everyone else and had to eat dinner after everyone had already eaten. We also had to have our own summed up version of the daily meeting, which was probably a little annoying to have to repeat all over again. Not to mention, we still don’t have a way back home at the moment, but that story is for another day. However, all of the hardships were worth it especially because the night that I arrived, like I mentioned before, the view at dinner was breathtaking. The view looked so fake that if you were not there you would think it was a green screen. The sun was setting on the mountain and it was just so pleasing to the eye. Everything that night was like I had imagined before coming here. In addition, the food was so tasteful, but my favorite part was the ice cream dessert which had a berry and citrus flavor which surprisingly tasted amazing. And my favorite part….. the cats of course.

The first day we went to visit the Acropolis. Visiting the Acropolis was an unforgettable experience that gave me a deeper appreciation for wealth of Ancient Greek civilization and permanently altered the way I think about the most past and present. I had a greater understanding of the impact made by Ancient Greece to society while I was standing among these magnificent buildings because of its lasting principles of democracy art, and agricultural architecture. As far as the pre departure blog goes, I only forgot my portable charger and had to buy a fifty dollar one at Miami Airport, which was actually worth it because it has a long battery life. All in All, my first day here in Athens has been nothing but an absolute blast.

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