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Blog 2 Journey to Greece: First Impressions and Reflections

The Long Road to Athens

Traveling to Greece was a blend of excitement and exhaustion. The flights were lengthy and tiring. We began with a short layover at JFK, which gave us a chance to stretch our legs and refresh. The long haul from JFK to Athens was about ten hours and honestly, it was a bit rough. The airplane food was pretty bad, but luckily, we had packed some snacks and sandwiches. They turned out to be lifesavers during the flight.

Reflecting on my pre-departure preparations, I realized I forgot a couple of key items. Despite all the planning, I didn’t pack a hat or a smaller travel backpack. This was a bit of an oversight since a hat would’ve been great for the sunny Greek weather, and a smaller bag would’ve been perfect for our daily excursions.


First Glimpses of Athens

Arriving in Athens was exhilarating. As we stepped off the plane and made our way through the bustling airport, it hit me that we were finally in Greece. The city’s energy was evident even during our ride to the hotel. It was very hot and dry! After checking in and freshening up, we met our group coordinator, who gave us a great orientation session. This intro was crucial, setting the stage for the rest of our trip and making sure we were well-prepared.

Athens, with its mix of ancient history and modern vibes, immediately captivated me. Seeing centuries-old ruins seamlessly integrated into the city’s fabric was awe-inspiring and humbling. Walking through the streets, I felt a sense of wonder at the remnants of ancient civilizations.

One of the landmarks I’m most excited to explore is the Acropolis. This iconic site, perched high above the city, promises to be a highlight of our trip. The thought of standing where ancient philosophers and statesmen once walked is thrilling. However, my excitement about Athens’ nightlife is tempered by a sense of caution. Initial impressions suggest that while the nightlife is vibrant, it might not be entirely safe. This has made me reconsider my plans for late-night adventures. Still, I’m looking forward to experiencing the local bars and restaurants and, of course, seeing the Acropolis.


Culinary Adventures and Challenges

Dinner on our first night was memorable, though not without its challenges. We dined at a local taverna, eager to try authentic Greek cuisine. The food was delightful and a refreshing change from the airplane fare, but the language barrier presented some difficulties. Trying to navigate the menu and ask specific questions about the dishes, like what ingredients were in a particular sauce, proved challenging. Despite our best efforts, there were moments of confusion. The waitstaff, though friendly and accommodating, struggled to understand our requests.

This experience highlighted the importance of learning a few basic phrases in the local language. While we managed to enjoy our meal, I realized that knowing a bit more Greek would enhance our dining experiences significantly. On the bright side, the dishes we tried were fantastic. Fresh ingredients, bold flavors, and traditional recipes combined to create a culinary experience that was both satisfying and intriguing.


Reflecting on Pre-departure Plans

Looking back at my pre-departure plans, I can see where I could have been more thorough. Realizing I forgot essential items like a hat and a smaller travel backpack was a minor but notable oversight. These items would have added significantly to my comfort and convenience during daily excursions. Additionally, while we had prepared for various aspects of the trip, a more extensive review of useful Greek phrases and cultural tips would have been beneficial.

However, these minor hiccups haven’t discouraged me for the adventure that lies ahead. Traveling is as much about embracing the unexpected as it is about meticulously planning every detail. The challenges faced so far have provided valuable lessons and added to the richness of the experience.


Moving Forward

As we continue to explore Athens and the rest of Greece, I’m excited about the adventures ahead. The city’s rich history, vibrant culture, and culinary delights promise a journey filled with discovery and enjoyment. Despite the initial challenges, the warmth and hospitality of the Greek people have already made a positive impression.

I’m particularly looking forward to visiting the Acropolis and other historical sites, immersing myself in the ancient history that defines this remarkable city. Additionally, I plan to delve deeper into the local culinary scene, trying new dishes and learning more about Greek cuisine.



Our first day in Greece has been a mix of excitement, challenges, and memorable experiences. The long journey tested our endurance, but arriving in Athens made it all worthwhile. The city’s unique blend of ancient and modern, coupled with the warmth of its people, has set the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable trip.

Reflecting on my pre-departure preparations, I see areas where I could have been more thorough, but these minor oversights have taught me valuable lessons. As we move forward, I am eager to explore more of what Greece has to offer, from its historical landmarks to its culinary treasures. This journey is just beginning, and I am excited for the adventures that lie ahead.

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