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Blog 2: First Experiences

Day 1: Finally in Athens, Greece

Since I was traveling from Mykonos to Athens, I had a short trip. The plane ride lasted about 40 minutes and my friend and I slept most of the way. When we arrived at the airport, priority number 1 was to find a phone for me since unfortunately,  I had lost mine in Mykonos. I was pleasantly surprised with the hospitality of those there. When picking out a phone the man working there, Stephon, walked me through all the options and gave very clear and helpful directions for finding any resources I may need for the new phone, all of which were in the airport. Afterward, it was time to meet the group! On the bus, on the way to the hotel, I was trying to resist the heaviness from my eyes so I could catch all the sights, however, the tiredness was too much and most of us ended up falling asleep. Walking up to the hotel, there were a couple of antique, second-hand, bargain shops that were filled with unique pieces. I instantly knew I had to make multiple trips down here. It was a quick shower before dinner, and on the way to the restaurant the views were overwhelming, the Acropolis was easy to spot at every turn and it was a surreal feeling seeing it in person. Dinner was delicious! There was not one thing I didn’t enjoy, all Greek food in my opinion is excellent. I particularly loved dessert, it was what tasted like blueberry and vanilla ice cream with an orange “pastelito”. During our dinner, we had a visit from a street cat and he/she munched on some leftover pita while we talked to our tour guide about day 2. I noticed cats are everywhere in Greece, almost as if this is their place of origin. On the way back to the hotel some friends and I took a different route and saw streets flooded with musicians and artwork, it was a lot of fun. Overall, my first day in Athens was wonderful, I am excited to explore the city and have some gyros! I am looking forward to day 2!

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