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Blog 2 – Day 1 (Friday 6/20) & Travel Day

My trip to Greece:

We decided to begin our journey to Greece a few days earlier than planned. The long flight to Mykonos was pleasant, and our first days there were filled with beauty and enjoyment. Everything went smoothly until the unfortunate moment when my friend’s phone slipped into the pool. Suddenly, we found ourselves scrambling to find a solution to this unexpected challenge. The thought of my friend being in Greece without a phone for over 10 days was overwhelming for us both.

Navigating the situation with the language barrier was definitely quite a struggle, but we gathered together and brainstormed a plan. We reached out to several locals and explored different options to replace the phone. It took some time and effort, but eventually, we managed to find a solution that worked for us. Despite the initial setback, we were relieved to have resolved the issue and now just has to make sure we got to Athens to execute the plan.

Today, our flight from Mykonos to Athens was quick and smooth, giving us amazing views of the ocean from the plane. When we arrived in Athens, I ended up spending several hours at the airport helping Lorena. She accidentally dropped her phone in a pool in Mykonos, so we had to sort out getting her a new one.

After we found Lorena a new phone and set it up, we met up with our group and got on the shuttle to our place. The rest of the trip to the hotel went really well, without any problems. It was a relief to settle in and continue our journey smoothly from there.

Looking back on the day, it was interesting how a simple trip turned into a bit of an adventure helping Lorena out. Despite the delay at the airport, we all stayed positive and helped each other out. Now that we’re in Athens, and she has a phone we’re excited to explore and see what else Greece has in store for us.

Reflect on your pre-departure blog:

Reflecting on my pre-departure blog, I continue to feel optimistic about the trip. I’m pleased that I packed everything I needed and planned everything well in advance. So far, pretty much everything has gone smoothly, and I’m enjoying every moment of the trip. It feels good to be well-prepared and to see everything going according to plan. I’m excited about the adventures and experiences that lie ahead, knowing that all the planning and preparations have led to a fantastic trip. Each day brings new discoveries and opportunities to immerse myself in the culture and sights of Greece. I look forward to exploring more of this beautiful country, confident that the preparation I put in before the trip has prepared me for a memorable and fulfilling experience.

What have you seen so far in Athens that you are excited about:

So far in Athens, I’ve mostly explored Monastiraki Square and, of course, the restaurant where we had dinner. Square is stunning, busy with a lively atmosphere and crowds of people. The set up of little shops and stands filled me with excitement, offering a glimpse into the city’s vibrant culture and shopping opportunities. I’m looking forward to learning more about Athens, discovering more of its neighborhoods, and exploring various restaurants in the area. Each place seems as exciting as the next, and I’m eager to immerse myself further in the local life and cuisine. As I continue to explore, I’m sure I will be uncovering more hidden gems and gaining a better understanding of this historic and lively city. The first impressions have left me eager for more, ready to face every opportunity to discover what Athens has to offer beyond just what it’s originally known for.

How was dinner:

Dinner was good!

The welcome dinner in Athens was a great experience, for me the delicious food and great company made the evening truly memorable. The meal was absolutely delicious and traditional and also it was a bonding experience that brought our group closer together. The atmosphere was fun, there was laughter and conversation, as we shared stories and got to know one another better.

The highlight of the dinner for me was the dessert. We were treated to a traditional Greek sweet treat! It was delicious and made me wonder what other desserts of theirs I should try next.

The welcome dinner in Athens went beyond just being a meal; it was a chance for us to fully experience Greek hospitality and culture. The hosts made us feel so welcome, and every dish they served was prepared with such care and you can just tell they take pride in the food they serve, which by all means they definitely should. This is not just something I’ve experienced in Athens but in Mykonos too.

As we enjoyed our desserts and shared stories into the night, I felt a better bond with my fellow travelers. The dinner set a wonderful tone for our trip, bringing us closer together and building excitement for the adventures ahead. I left the dinner feeling excited and eager for what the coming days in Athens and beyond would bring. This dining experience was just the beginning of our exploration, and I couldn’t wait to discover more of Greece’s rich culture and history.

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