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  • Your trip to Greece
  • Reflect on your pre-departure blog, what did you forget?
  • What have you seen so far in Athens that you are excited about?
  • How was dinner?

My trip to Greece was a long one! I woke up the day before arriving in Greece , in Florence, Italy. I did so much in Italy that I felt I needed a break before going to Greece. Not to mention our flight was at 3pm had a 3hr layover and when we arrived it was 1am and we didn’t have a place to stay so we had to sleep around the airport floors. πŸ™ To say the least it was more than overwhelming. I felt so anxious and sleep deprived when we got to Greece but still happy that I was touring and experiencing a new place.

I forgot to mention in my pre departure blog what I did before coming to Greece. I toured almost every place I wanted to in Italy. Italy as I mentioned before has always been my dream and I finally got to see it. I toured Rome, Pisa, Florence, Cinque Terre, and La Spezia. More than I thought I could do in the span of 10 days but it was manageable. I think I could live in Italy after seeing the sights I saw; the beautiful beaches, the buildings, the culture, the food, the bars, the language and the people! I will most definitely be going back time and time again till I die or until I tour every city it has! It was so good of a country that it’s now my number 1 favorite place to be!

Athens is beautiful just as I expected it to be! On the bus ride I was seeing all the cute city buildings and hills it has. The mountains are huge here. You can see the mountains from any point in the city which I found so cool! When we arrived I was a little worried that the hotel was in a unsafe area because of the amount of homeless people and graffiti I saw everywhere but it was nice. The hotel receptionist was nice and the room was spacious and clean, the bathroom smelled nice and the place overall was comfy. On our way to dinner I enjoyed the lights and amount of cute kiosks and bars I saw open with greek music playing. I felt so indulged into the greek culture already!

Dinner was amazing. The chicken was amazing and the bread served before was perfect, nice and warm however very dry. The chicken was sooooo good I devoured it in minutes! The desert was my favorite of all! The yogurt ice cream with a cornbread flavored cake at the bottom with syrup and honey! So so so good i’m still on the search for something just as good but nothing yet. Overall the first day was not bad but a bit exhausting because of the traveling.

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