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Trip to Greece:

The start of my trip was not amazing, at 1 am we arrived at the Athens airport, but it wasn’t until the next day at 2:30 pm that we had to leave in a bus with the group to the hotel. Let’s just say that sleeping in the chairs of the airport wasn’t comfortable at all, but somehow I just pulled through it. After the horrendous “naps” in the airports we gathered with everyone and to make it even worse we saw someone get thrown to the ground by the police and arrested right next to where we were gathering. After the altercation we went to the hotel and at 6pm we went to have dinner, and I had one of the most amazing desserts I’ve tried in years; it had like a yellow cream in the bottom, an orange cake on top of it and yogurt ice cream topped with baklava leaves and coffee syrup. After that I went to sleep like a baby.

Reflection on the pre-departure blog:

In the pre-departure blog I forgot to mention that for the Greece study abroad and for my trip to Italy I was going with my girlfriend, Kyara, and that it wouldn’t be possible to have made this trip if it wasn’t for her and her sister, Keyla, who convinced us that dodge and dawn were the best for this kind of trips, so we accepted to go with you guys right away.

What have you seen so far in Athens that you are excited about?

What I’m most excited about to see in Athens is the Parthenon and the acropolis, I’ve seen it all over TikTok, instagram and youtube, I also heard from people I know, and from people that went there not too long ago, and it seemed good from the pictures and videos, but when I saw it from the hotel rooftop the first day, I appreciated even more how beautiful it is, and I can’t wait for tomorrow, which we’ll be seeing it from closer and learning about both from a tour guide. I also saw lots of places to eat near the hotel, and I’m excited to try every food they have. It can be salty, sweet, and bittersweet, but from what I ate so far the first day the food here is amazing. I would even say that in Athens they have better food than in Rome.

How was dinner?

Dinner as I said before was amazing. The bread they gave us as a starter was perfect, and combined with the olives and the different spreads it became even better than perfect. The main course was chicken, potatoes, broccoli and a sweet gravy sauce that was decorated as if it was gourmet and exclusive, which was pretty good. But the best thing about dinner was the dessert they gave us, which was the best dessert I’ve had so far in the trip, and which I completely loved. Before leaving I’ll try to get the recipe from the place or try to find it somewhere else.

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