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I’m in Greece! After a long day of traveling, it feels so surreal to actually be in Greece right now. My day started with my alarm waking me up at 3 am after only getting about 3 hours of sleep. My family and I then got ourselves ready and went straight to the Fort Lauderdale Airport where our journey would begin. First, we had a flight to Boston with a seven-hour layover to get through. Our luggage was not going straight to Greece from Florida, so we had to collect our luggage from baggage claim in the Boston Logan Airport and figure out what to do for the next seven hours. Luckily, we were able to leave the bags at USO since my dad is a retiree of the army and they had space for us. From there, we left to grab something to eat at a place called Legal which serves amazing seafood dishes. We then went back to the airport after relaxing there for a bit and boarded our flight to Frankfurt, Germany. The flight to Germany was relaxing because we flew first class for that flight. It was so relaxing that I ended up sleeping for most of that flight. The flight to Athens from Germany was smooth sailing as well. I was also just really excited to finally be in Greece.

I did, however forget some things the previous night. The number one thing was to sleep. I was a zombie for the full 24 hours we were traveling, and I was trying my best to stay aware of myself and my surroundings. Other things I forgot include bug spray, mini fans or neck fans, a portable charger, and a smaller backpack or bigger purse. I only have a small purse and I tend to run out of room for other stuff such as water.


I am really excited to try the food though. I love mediterranean food, so I plan on taking full advantage of my time here to taste different things. I also want to visit the different museums and archaeological sites here. The first night here exceeded my expectations. The dinner was great! Although it took a while for my table to get some water, I enjoyed the experience and the food. My favorite part of it was the dessert though.

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