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Some may say that preparing for a trip can be more stressful than the trip itself, and so far I have to disagree. At first, I felt nervous and did not know what to expect but after our meeting with the group all my concerns were resolved and that is when all the excitement began.

I am so happy to learn about a major and a field which I know not much of but actually have so many friends who graduated with a Hospitality major. After doing some research and completing the Greece TBO assignment, I am expecting to not only learn so much about one of the world’s greatest civilizations but also much more about the tourism industry specifically in Greece. Although I would have loved to stay a little longer in Greece and visit Europe, I do have to return and get ready for graduation and the beginning of my graduate program soon which is both exciting and nerve wrecking. These past few weeks I have been working on finalizing my last semester of college on a positive note while also preparing for the LSAT and finishing unpacking from my recent move, it has been hectic to say the least!

Nonetheless, preparing myself for this life changing experience has been so exciting. I made a checklist with everything that might be needed, so hopefully nothing is missing. I packed lightly so I could have enough space for more anything I buy while we in Greece, and definitely took Professor’ Dodge advice and packed bug spray, LOL. So excited for Greece!

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