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Blog 1- Predeparture

You know when you make a bucket list as a teenager, coming to Greece was at the top of mine, and I am so grateful that it is actually happening. Little me would be so happy. To be very honest, I do not know what to expect on this trip, however I do expect to have a great time. I also hope to visit some Top 50 bars around the hotel and I am quite excited for the feta cheese and winery. Recently, I have had more appreciation for rich history and art, which Greece is full of, so I am definitely looking forward to that.

What have I packed? 

I have not packed as much as I thought I would, my suitcase is still 10 lbs underweight. I have my clothes, essentials, toiletries as well as emergency medicine (incase I try something I am not supposed to). I did also pack my tennis racket and shoes, as I plan to play on real European clay. Thinking about it, I forgot a hoodie, but I do have a jacket so I will be fine. I also forgot face moisturiser and lotion, I’ll have to make a trip to the pharmacy.

What are your plans before or after this trip?

I did not have any set plans, however I ended up in Santorini yesterday, it was an amazing experience, out of this world. The food, the streets, the views, it all felt like a dream. I landed in Athens at 2am, reached the hotel around 4am, met a colleague and had the idea of going for the day, best idea I have ever had in some time.  Rushed to the airport to make a 7am flight. I am running on almost no sleep but it was so worth it. I walked the streets of Fira and rented an ATV and rode around the island, went to a beach TWICE.

After this trip I plan to back home to Jamaica and spend some time with my family until school starts again in the Fall, nothing too exciting.


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