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Blog 1 Pre departure

 My Expectations

On this trip I plan to indulge in the foods!! The sweets, the dinners and the greek meals. I also expect to see, hear and read more about the history of Greece, since one of my favorite subjects is history. Also because Greece is one of the many countries that have some of the oldest artifacts. More than anything I’m happy i’ll be able to meet new people and learn more about the Greek culture.

This would be my first time ever doing any course for hospitality and I can’t wait! I’m ready for the wine tastings, the tours, the hikes, the dinners; i’m ready for it all! I’m more than happy to be coming to Greece and coming with study abroad. Greece and europe overall has been on my bucket list for years and finally saving up the money and being able to come has been a dream come true, so I hope and expect to enjoy every moment I can while being here.

What I packed

I definitely overpacked but left a little binder-size space for souvenirs. LOL. I packed bathing suits just in case there was some place to tan or jump into some water, brought some toiletries, some medical supplies just in case I got sick or needed to clean a wound. Lastly and most importantly I packed clothes; A BUNCH OF CLOTHES! Thankfully my suitcase is in the weight limit for flying, but I overdid it with workout clothes. (I knew I wasn’t gonna work out when I got here; what was I thinking.)

What you think you forgot

I made a list a week before leaving so when I packed I knew I wasn’t forgetting anything, however I still managed to forget to pack my European power adapter and more than one charger (just in case).

Luckily my boyfriend brought an extra power adapter that I could use and the the charger I brought was just fine.

Plans before and after this journey

My plans before this trip is to go to Italy with my boyfriend which I can happily say has happened. It has been the one trip I’ve been planning to do all my life; traveling Italy. I’m so happy I did, it made me more aware of my surroundings and helped me improve time management. I enjoyed everything Italy had to offer and I can happily say I will be going back in some years when I rack up the money.

For this trip I plan to meet new people learn more about Greek culture, cuisine, and historical landmarks. I cant wait to see the Acropolis and the museum of the Acropolis! To think they have artifacts dating back to 450 B.C is crazy. I’m also excited to experience the markets, the language and the beauty of the city that’s not offered the same anywhere other than europe and specifically Greece.

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