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Blog 1 – Hey Greece!

I am so excited for this trip mainly because I have never been to Europe before, let alone Greece. Originally, I applied for a study abroad program in Italy but I got waitlisted sadly because I did not speak any Italian. However on the last day of applications, I came across The Hospitality in Greece study abroad application. I quickly submitted my application not thinking much of it, until about a week later I received my acceptance letter while I was in the library studying for a test. “What are the chances of getting accepted into a program that you applied for last minute?”, was the first thing on my mind. I was so happy that I was finally getting the destination vacation of my dreams. It was not Italy but it was still a win for me in my book. I am looking forward to the food and the scenic views. I honestly can not wait to go to the beach, but I am more excited to visit the Acropolis because I have only ever seen it in TikTok videos or in Instagram pictures. Before the trip, I plan to do a little research about the area I am staying at, so when I do have free time I can do something fun that is in walking distance from my hotel. As far as packing goes, I of course waited last minute to get everything that I needed for the trip. I started shopping for everything about a week before leaving and I am still surprised that I managed to get everything. What I am not surprised about is forgetting things at home, which I realized once I was already here in Athens. What is also surprising, though I forgot things it was only two items as far as I am aware so far, my hair conditioner and portable charger. I noticed that I had forgotten my portable as I was pulling into the airport. That mistake costed me fifty dollars because I had to buy a new one at the airport which was not the best way to start off my trip, but hey we made it. I may notice more stuff as the trip goes on but thus far, it has only been two items that did not have the pleasure of joining us here in Greece.

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