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Blog 1: Expecting the unexpected

Day 0: Predeparture

This is the first time I will have flown abroad by “myself”, considering I have never been to Europe I’m excited to experience what this beautiful country has to offer.

Since Greece is so popular for its ancient ruins and Greek Gods, I’m eager to learn about them firsthand. I am expecting a rich history and strong ancestry connections from those who live there. Plus, I have heard many great things about Greek food! Particularly, the gyro which I have enjoyed in the streets of New York and loved, so I can’t wait to try the “real deal.” It’s not every day you travel to the other side of the world with a group of people you’ve just met so I’m excited to make new friends and memories with those there. When packing I decided to give myself the challenge of traveling as light as possible since I wanted no trouble in the airports since I have so many flight connections. I was told beforehand the heat in Florida is nothing compared to the heat in Greece so when packing the weather and itinerary were my guidepost. I ensured to include essentials such as sunscreen, comfortable shoes, light clothing, and of course my camera. Thankfully, I had at home most of what I wanted to take, I had to buy a few important items such as plug adapters, and Apple air tags, which I recommend. However, I wanted to make sure I left lots of room for Greek souvenirs for me and my family. Before this trip, one of my friends and I are traveling to Mykonos to take advantage of our time in Europe.

This is definitely is “bucket list” country for me and I can’t wait to explore and create some beautiful Greece memories.

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