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Bi day reflection 3

Yesterday Thursday May 11th we had our “Free day” we woke up at around 10:30 had breakfast at the cafe we always go to near our apartment and headed to the station. We bought tickets to Nervi! We loved it so much the other day we went so we decided to go back and spend the day! We got there and had some lunch with an amazing view of the ocean and mountains. We bought a bottle of wine and laid by the rocks and soaked up some sun. We had Gelato and roamed around the city. We went back at around 7 went shopping for a little and then went to our apartment and changed and then had dinner at the local food market at the pier ! I had some Asado from an Argentinian stand and then a Canoli from a local Italian stand . It was an amazing free day !!

Today Friday May 12th we woke up early and headed to Piedmonte ! We had beautiful views of the towns and vineyards . We went Wine tasting and learned all the ways wine is produced and its fermentation processes ! We then proceeded to our amazing lunch where we had a 4 course lunch with 5 different wines !!! Then we walked over to the town and did a quick tour but then it started to rain and we headed back to Genova !!

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