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After a life-changing semester, I made the decision to come back once again to Tianjin! This time, I hope to take advantage of more resources around me and become more familiar with the language. Coming back this semester was different than when I initially arrived in August, one major difference being the climate. This semester I don’t have as a heavy workload as last semester, but the classes are more challenging to me at least. Being back, I have interests in exploring more of places I didn’t get to experience last semester and learn more about customs and cultures of China.

Welcome Back Dinner with students and Golden Panthers

The first week of classes was just becoming familiar with the syllabi and simple formalities. The professor for my accounting class is very energetic and passionate about what she teaches, which makes it all the more interesting. The group of study abroad students I am with this semester are all very outgoing and friendly; they are always available if I need help or assistance with anything. We are all going to be visiting Shanghai for the two week long break we have coming in the following week! This time of year is the Chinese New Year celebration, the coming year is the year of the pig.

Familiar Routes on Campus

    For the break, we have got an airbnb for about a week. We have pre-planned some definite sites to see such as Disney — this is a place I’ve dreamed of going since I was very young and to experience it in Shanghai will be a great opportunity! There is a chance of us all visiting one of the known food tours which showcase the popular and special foods in Shanghai. For now, I’m sure my colleagues and I have assignments and homework we need to finish before heading out on our break.

Morning view from my room

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