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Yaneisy Ramos

Exploring the Heart of Jamaica: Days Five and Six

By Hospitality in the Caribbean 2024


Jamaica, a captivating island renowned for its natural beauty and vibrant culture, continued to weave its magic during the fifth and sixth days of our study-abroad journey. These days were a tapestry of heartwarming interactions, mesmerizing natural phenomena, and contrasting resort experiences, offering us a deeper understanding of this enchanting destination.

Our fifth day commenced with a visit to a local primary school, an enriching experience that left a lasting impression. Engaging with the children, from playful activities to educational exchanges, epitomized the joy of learning and sharing knowledge. Saying goodbye was bittersweet, marking the end of a touching morning filled with laughter and connection.

The afternoon ushered in another adventure as we marveled at the ethereal glow of the Luminous Lagoon. Swimmers bathed in the mesmerizing light emitted by microorganisms create a magical spectacle under the night sky.

Day six brought a contrasting experience as we explored Sandals Dunn’s River Resort, a testament to modern luxury in Jamaica. Unlike the family-oriented Beaches resort, Sandals Dunn’s River offered a tranquil haven exclusively for couples. The tour revealed the resort’s modern amenities and impeccable service, leaving us impressed and indulged.

Returning to Beaches for a farewell dinner, we reflected on our journey, strengthened by the bonds forged in Jamaica. These days were a beautiful blend of community engagement, natural wonders, and luxury experiences, enriching our study abroad adventure with cherished memories. With its warmth and beauty, Jamaica has left an indelible mark on our hearts, reminding us of the transformative power of exploration and connection.

Embarking on an Unforgettable Jamaican Journey: Days Three and Four

By Hospitality in the Caribbean 2024


As the sun rose over Jamaica, our study abroad adventure delved deeper into the island’s treasures, ushering in two days of exhilarating exploration and immersive learning.

Day three dawned with the promise of adventure, leading us to the breathtaking Blue Hole. The thrill of cliff-jumping into its azure depths and navigating the gentle rapids of river tubing intertwined moments of adrenaline and serenity. Ziplining added a new dimension of excitement, marking a day filled with unforgettable experiences.

Transitioning into the evening, a delayed arrival at Sandals Ochi couldn’t dampen our spirits. A late lunch paved the way for a culinary delight at Sky, followed by an enigmatic visit to the speakeasy, the Rabbit Hole, adding a touch of mystery to our Jamaican narrative.

Day four brought a shift in focus as we immersed ourselves in our assigned departments. From delving into the unseen mechanics of security to the meticulous workings of the concierge department, each encounter revealed the intricate balance between functionality and charm that defined the resort.

As laughter and camaraderie filled the air, these moments encapsulated the essence of our study abroad experience—learning, exploring, and growing amidst Jamaica’s vibrant culture. With each adventure and insightful engagement, our journey unfolds as a tapestry woven with the vibrant hues of Jamaican warmth and hospitality, promising memories to last a lifetime.

A Taste of Jamaica: My First Two Days on a Study Abroad Trip

By Hospitality in the Caribbean 2024


Stepping off the plane in Montego Bay, Jamaica, I could feel the warm embrace of the Caribbean sun welcoming me to this vibrant island. The first leg of my study abroad journey had brought me from Miami, Florida, to this lush paradise. After a scenic two-hour drive to St. Mary, we arrived at the picturesque beaches of Ochos Rorios, our home for the duration of the trip.

Day one was a whirlwind of excitement as we settled in and explored our surroundings. With the tantalizing aroma of Jamaican cuisine in the air, we had our pick of dining options for dinner, sampling local delicacies and immersing ourselves in the island’s flavors. As the evening unfolded, we delved into the nightly activities, embracing Jamaica’s rich culture and lively spirit.

On day two, our adventure continued with a comprehensive resort tour. Meeting with the heads of each department, we gained insights into the inner workings of the hospitality industry. Despite my initial department selections of Entertainment, Front Desk, and Sales, I was unexpectedly drawn to Food & Beverage – a delightful twist that perfectly suited my culinary interests.

As we prepared for our welcome dinner that evening, I relished connecting with the dedicated teams behind the scenes. Meeting the passionate individuals driving the resort’s success left me inspired and eager to dive deeper into my study abroad experience.

With each passing moment, Jamaica revealed itself as more than a destination – a journey of discovery, culture, and unforgettable memories. As I eagerly anticipate the days ahead, I know this vibrant island has much more in store, promising to enrich my study abroad experience in ways I could have never imagined.

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