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By Hospitality in the Caribbean


In addition to the other memorable insights i’ve gained, I also had the opportunity to work/shadow in the entertainment sector of Beaches Resort. My involvement in the entertainment department and observations have shown that management in the hospitality and tourism industry isn’t a 9 to 5 job because the tasks and responsibilities never stop. The love that each employee has for their work, however, enables them to work with the passion of their complete team and love for what they do to engage, curate, and entertain each guest. Being able to assist the younger children in taking part in trivia and dancing to the music was one of the most memorable experience because Jamaica is a land known for not only it’s food but its music, so I have always loved helping people and dancing and this will stay with me forever.


By Hospitality in the Caribbean


Starting with this week of study in Jamaica, it has been a memorable and educational experience. From recognizing the most well-known departments when I first arrived to seeing, working in, and realizing that there are a lot more departments than even visitors are aware of. It is frequently said that doing work you enjoy makes it not feel like work. I thus had the chance to engage in water sports and entertainment for this trip. There is a lot more going on behind the scenes in these areas than what we can see, such as the administrative and logistical aspects of things. In water sports i had the chance to take the diving course and see the background work that goes on beyond just getting in the ocean to dive, but there has to be a diving instructor. I’ve also learnt about PADI, which stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors which is a recreational diving membership and diver training organization.

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