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Day 9 in London

By London

This is my first time for me to be in Europe. I am truly excited about traveling to one of my dream cities, London. We got off the plane on 14th afternoon and it took about 1.5 hours to get to hotel from Heathrow Airport. We have a quick fresh up and gather together in “Giraffe” to have the welcome dinner.

On the first day, we visit the Pure Event which is the service driven events agency specialized in event solutions for the corporate market. The CEO of Pure Event introduce the major business of the company is bringing guests from all over the world to the event that can be held in all kinds of destination in the world. Meeting and conferencing are a lot lower risk than social event in this industry. She illustrated the importance of technology in event and educating audience. At the end, she concluded that credibility plus value over risk equal trust. This is absolutely a golden rule in hospitality industry.

After we finished the lunch, we have our private tour of walking in west of London. We discovered the area of Westminster including Buckingham palace, horse guards parade, Big Ben, Parliament and a glimpse of No.10  Downing Street, where Minister lives. After that, I had dinner with my friend from Brighton and got back to hotel.

On Day 2, we explored and learned so much about history of UK and Westminster Abbey by having a private tour in Westminster. I learned that there are three major principles of building this church. The first one is as a Royal shrine, the second one is being a coronation place, and the last one is as a royal funeral. Also, I learned a lot of royal trivia from our tour guide, and it is very interesting. During the lunch time, I went to the Trafalgar Square, which also a famous tour site in London. In the afternoon, we visited the Fuller’s Griffin Brewery. The tour guide gave us a introduction of the history of this brewery, also the brewing process, and showed us around the brewery. Finally, we got to taste their recognized products.

On Day 3, we went to Tower of London to explore Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress. I got to see the old time royal jail in London and the royal jewelry showcase. The two princes were killed by their uncle is the most sadness tragedy that happened in the Tower of London. Tower Bridge is so beautiful outside of the Tower of London. I am so exciting about taking a photo with it. I am also dying to walk on it, but since we got limited free time, I didn’t do it. Instead, I went to the nearby Trinity Square, and I found out it was one of the memorial places that memorialize the 100 years anniversary of World War One in London. It is such a peaceful and lovely place. Really hope all the contributors rest in peace. At night, we watch the broadway play The Book of Mormon.

On Day 4, we visited the Gatwick Airport and Hilton Hotel nearby. It is such a great opportunity to learn more about Hilton hotel group and talk with successful hotelier. I learned that the most important thing to succeed in hospitality is to make a difference. You have to know things and try to learn as much as possible. You have to understand it is important to add value to your guest’s stay and the importance of taking a responsibility. In the afternoon, we visited the British Museum. With our private tour guide, we got to see the amazing ancient Egypt culture and its discovery.

On Day 5, we went to Wimbledon to see the fields of Wimbledon Championship and learned the past and future of Wimbledon. We went to the tea room to have traditional high tea. We have a wonderful conversation during the tea time.

On Day 6, we went to Brixton and Borough Markets. Compared to Brixton market, I am more fond of Borough Market because it is much more trendy and got a great ambience. You can get the most unforgettable gourmet tasting tour in there. After that, we walk through the Millennium Bridge and to the St. Paul Cathedral.  St. Paul Cathedral is amazing and breathtaking both from the inside and outside. I learned the history of building this cathedral and how it can be survived during the World War Two.

I get two days left in London. Although I am so tired of walking all around the London City, I do love the city. I really hope I can come back in the future.

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