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Nicolas Alejandro Rangel De Pinto


By Hospitality in the Caribbean 2024


On our last day in Jamaica, we attended the newest resort on the island which is Sandals Dunns River Resort. Extremely beautiful and luxurious property that offers anything you can imagine not only is this resort with a high occupancy expected for the next three years but its facilities are structured for the best experience you could ever imagine. We were immediately greeted by the general manager and his entire team showing us that Sandals is determined to take care of us on any resort we go. This trip has been an opportunity and an experience of a lifetime it is no secret that it was an extremely fun trip, but I could definitely say that we have learned so much while attending this study abroad. Sandals Resorts offers amazing opportunities for all hospitality students. Their business model is based on what the founder Butch Steward said: “if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life”. I agree with what he was saying and, in our industry, whether it’s long hours or weekends you have to do what you love. I extremely enjoy my trip to Jamaica and if I had to do it again I would do it exactly the way that I did it.


By Hospitality in the Caribbean 2024

This day was a day that I believe nobody will forget, we began the day by going to an elementary school not only to just give a donation but to have the experience of actually going to the school and meeting the children was just amazing. It is very sad that some of these schools in Jamaica have to think about supplies as something that can be uncertain and in some cases a luxury. So, by being able to make a donation on behalf of FIU and the Sandal Foundation was a moment none of us will forget. Each one of the students got to spend time with the kids and doing small tasks with them was extremely touching. Afterwards, this same night we went to the luminous lagoon where I was able to experience for the first time a lagoon, when you’re in the water it automatically changes to a bright neon color. Amazing!


By Hospitality in the Caribbean 2024


On day four we got to have the day to work on the department we chose. I had the opportunity of working with food and beverage for half the day and the second half of the day I was working with entertainment. It was also a special day for the resort because they have their annual celebration for their employees and the way that Sandals Resort does this is that they have awards for their best employees of the year. Not only does this include gifts like a free week at any sandal’s property, but I feel that it’s even more important that they recognize their employees for their hard work. Working on food and beverage I got to assist one of the restaurants at the property learning their logistics of how to handle both the front and back of the house. A typical restaurant at the resort would have one hundred people dine in during the night. I got to speak to the waiters and personally, I wanted to see what their main goal was while doing their job. I could genuinely say that they all said that it’s about the guests and everything they do is for the guests. I love that because it shows how much they care for the industry of hospitality. Afterward, I went to work for entertainment and in this department, we got to learn about everything that keeps the guests at the reserve for the entire day. Logistically speaking they must have events morning afternoon and night to make sure the guests are not bored and are enjoying their stay at a maximum.


By Hospitality in the Caribbean 2024


At the beginning of our third day in Jamaica, we had excursions. I was extremely nervous and scared of doing all of these excursions I’ve never done them before, but I have to say that they were all fun.  We started by jumping into a river which I was excited to do and I was one of the last ones to do this. But I have to say that once you jump in you’re in the water it is a beautiful natural experience of the beauties of what Jamaica has to offer as a country we did this a couple of times when their first excursion and each time was extremely nice you feel connected to the nature of the country. Secondly, we went tubing which was my favorite out of all the excursions not only because you get to see the nature of Jamaica but also because it’s an extremely interactive activity with your colleagues. Lastly, we had zip line, this is the one I was most afraid of, but I have to say that it was extremely nice to do it. After the excursions we had time for ourselves at the hotel until 4:30 where we had to prepare a tour for the Sandals Ochi Resort. We had the opportunity to visit this resort and have an entire tour. I love the concept of this property it is a couples-only resort, and you have to be 21 or more just to stay in it was extremely luxurious and nice. The resort is divided into two they have one side of the resort on one side of the street and the other right across. The entire property was so beautifully done that it was just great to be in. Even by the beach, they have a pier with a small Chapel where couples get married almost every day at this hotel. It was certainly a property I would love to work on.


By Hospitality in the Caribbean 2024


On our second day of the trip, we started the day by meeting with all the managers although the resort for obvious reasons wouldn’t share the financials however were able to meet the financial controller and the revenue management team and how they seek their investments in management was good to know. We also had an entire tour of the Beaches Ochi Rios Resort. Not only is this resort a palace to stay in but it accounts for so many restaurants, bars, and entertainments that it is made for you that you don’t have the necessity of leaving the property. I also had the opportunity of being designated to the housekeeping department where I learned the logistics on how to operate housekeeping when you have a 220-room hotel with 100 occupancy year all year. Also to make sure that all guests receive their daily service but also as a priority, the incoming guests don’t have to wait for rooms to start their vacation. I was also assigned directly with a housekeeper to learn the standards of there are rooms and the small details behind the cleanliness on which the housekeeper takes the time to make sure the guests have a wonderful room to stay in. We concluded that day with a welcome dinner hosted by the general manager and the corporate operations director of Sandals Beaches. We got to try the local cuisines of Jamaica which I was extremely excited to have. I got to eat jerk chicken, rice and peas, Jamaican patties, and my favorite oxtail. We also had members of the Sandals corporate university and one of the graduates as well who is currently an assistant food and beverage manager.


By Hospitality in the Caribbean 2024


On my first day to Jamaica, I was extremely excited but also nervous about my first study abroad. I hadn’t been to the Caribbean in four years so I decided to stop by the mall and buy everything that I would need to prepare for my trip. I decided to be at the airport by 8:00 AM, just to make sure I wouldn’t have any problems checking in. Once I was checked in, I noticed another student had also just finished checking in I introduced myself and immediately started talking and getting to know each other while we were going through TSA and waiting at the gate for our flight. Once we arrived in Jamaica, I was surprised by the level of hospitality just by arriving at the airport all the staff members were extremely friendly even the immigration officer was nice. After grabbing my bag immediately noticed that by the exit there were members of the sandals resort waiting for me and they immediately greeted me took my bags for me and escorted me to the lounge which is so convenient. They had a variety of snacks and drinks for us with a seating area. The first glance of the resort was beautiful, and it immediately opened up on the hospitality level as they greeted you by saying “Welcome home” which I thought was very heartfelt, and it really enthusiasts me at the beginning of an amazing trip. #jamaica

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