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Natalie Garcia

Excited for Jamaica!

By Hospitality in the Caribbean 2024

Hi guys! I’m super excited for Jamaica; I have never been. I’m excited for the luminous lagoon and zip lining. The last time I went zip lining, I got stuck half way through 🤣. Making it a goal to do it successfully this time though! I’m also interested in how working in the different departments might change my mindset on resorts and hotels. As of right now, I don’t think that will be my career path, however, this experience may or may not change it. I am eager to learn about the different departments and how they all contribute to making the resort run smoothly. Moving on to packing 🤩. I have been working South Beach Wine and Food Festival all week 😴. Which means that I have barely packed anything but will be doing it tonight and in the morning before my shift tomorrow. I’m bringing my work uniforms (white button down and black pants), beachwear, semi dressy fits, sandals, LOTS of sunscreen because I burn easy 😭, and all other type of essentials. Anyway, ready to hop on the plane Monday morning and spend a week in Jamaica!

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