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Malwina Romaniuk

May 17th

By Hospitality in Genoa


The next day, we gathered early in the morning for a guided tour of Rome with Professor Rice. We visited iconic landmarks like the fountain and the Colosseum. At the fountain, we took numerous photos and made wishes while tossing coins into the water. In a heartwarming turn of events, we witnessed two couples getting engaged within just 15 minutes. We cheered and celebrated their joyous moments. Afterwards, we entered a breathtaking building that had stood for over 2,000 years.

Following the tour, we had some free time, and my friends and I decided to make the most of it by indulging in a delicious meal. We found a restaurant that served incredible food: pizzas, pastas, delectable tiramisus, and mouthwatering fondants. Of course, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to savor some authentic Italian coffee.

With renewed energy, we embarked on further exploration of the city. Our next stop was the Vatican, where we wandered around, giving each other impromptu tours while looking up information online. We also made a stop at a shop to buy souvenirs for our families. Many of us chose shiny rosaries as special keepsakes. As we headed back to the hotel, we made a quick detour to grab snacks and drinks for the train journey that awaited us. Gathering our belongings, we made our way to the train station and boarded the train, spreading out the food we had purchased on the table. The five-hour train ride turned into a joyful and entertaining experience for all of us.

May 16th

By Hospitality in Genoa


The day in Florence began with a rainy start, dampening the spirits of many. However, I couldn’t contain my excitement and donned my flashy rain jacket, ready to explore the city. Professor Rice led us on a tour, showcasing the city’s magnificent buildings, the resilient bridge that survived the war, and a golden-nosed pig known for bringing luck when rubbed. As soon as the professor mentioned it, I sprinted towards the pig, enthusiastically rubbing its nose. Energized and determined, I was fully engaged in the tour.

Afterward, we had some free time, and my friends and I were eager to visit a vintage jewelry shop we had heard about. Although the line was long, with only six people allowed inside at a time, we patiently waited for nearly two hours. Finally, it was our turn, and Jerm bought a necklace, while Pauline treated herself to a ring and a pair of exquisite earrings. The wait may have taken up a significant portion of our free time, but it was worth every minute.

After our long wait at the vintage jewelry shop, we were ready for a satisfying meal. We found a cozy Italian restaurant where we indulged in delicious pasta dishes. The comforting atmosphere and laughter-filled conversations added to the dining experience. We paired our meals with glasses of fine Italian wine, making it a memorable and enjoyable meal in Florence.

Later, we indulged in some shopping, with some of us finding stylish clothes and myself purchasing an adorable tote bag featuring a baby angel and a little cat reading “Puss in Boots.” We had fun exploring the city before heading back to the hotel. As we gathered for our group meeting, exhaustion caught up with us, and we unintentionally dozed off in the lobby. Once we regrouped, we collected our belongings and made our way to the train station, ready to embark on the next leg of our journey to Rome.

May 15th

By Hospitality in Genoa


Our day trip to Pisa began with a train ride that provided a much-needed break from our busy schedules. We were all exhausted from the previous days, filled with non-stop activities, and I, in particular, was still recovering from being sick. As we boarded the train, weariness took over, and we all dozed off, quickly succumbing to the gentle rocking motion of the train. The journey felt like a blink of an eye, and before we knew it, we had arrived in Pisa.

Once we stepped off the train, Professor Rice took us on a captivating tour of the city, sharing intriguing facts and recommendations for local cuisine. As we leisurely strolled through the charming streets, an amusing incident unfolded. It was only when we were walking towards the Pisa tower that the pieces finally fell into place for me. In that moment, I blurted out, “Wieża w Pizie!” (which means Pisa tower in Polish), exclaiming my sudden realization. Dawn, who happened to be right behind me, burst into laughter at my delayed connection. Afterwards, we were given free time to explore, and Jerm and I took the opportunity to venture into the bustling market. Jerm had become infatuated with a pair of sunglasses Elia had worn, so we scoured the stalls in search of a similar pair. With our hunger growing, we stumbled upon a cozy café nearby, where we indulged in mouthwatering Italian focaccias. Fueled by delicious food, we embarked on a playful photo spree, capturing hilarious moments with the leaning tower as our backdrop.

After a tiring but exciting day in Pisa, we boarded a train and made our way to Lucca. This city turned out to be a lot of fun! In a lively plaza, we stumbled upon a talented musician who had everyone dancing to his music. Professor Rice guided us through the city, sharing interesting facts. We had free time to explore, and my friends and I enjoyed a delicious lunch in the square, savoring pasta and white wine. We then decided to rent bikes and race around Lucca, interacting with locals along the way. It was an absolute blast! Later, we took another train to our final destination, Florence, where we checked into our hotel and had a fantastic group dinner. The food was amazing, and we had a lot of fun trying different wines. After a day filled with laughter and enjoyment, we finally went to sleep, ready for more adventures ahead.

Genoa day 2

By Hospitality in Genoa


This morning we went on a tour around Genoa where prof. Rice showed us a bunch of restaurants, he gave us a lot of information about every single one. For example he told us who owns them, what the history is behind them, what type of food they sell and what we should definitely try. We got a lot of good recommendations for bakeries, bars and homestyle meals. Prof. Rice has a lot of knowledge about the food industry in Genoa and it’s really nice to listen to him and get all the insights.


After that we took a train to Nervi. It’s a city located on the coast. We walked on a trail along the shore. It was very relaxing and we felt like we were in a movie. We spent some time in a park that back in the day was own by private sectors but now has been joined together and opened to the public. Since it was own by wealthy private people, they had a lot of exotic plants there and this is why the park has them now. I find it very interesting and unique. We saw people hanging around, doing picnics, playing games there. It looked majestic. Then we walked on the trail that is named after a general that freed territories while doing military campaigns in Argentina during the 18 hundreds. Prof. Rice mentioned it because one of my friends, Facu, is Argentinian. The views form the trial are wonderful and I would definitely recommend every one to go there if they have a chance.

Later we got some free time so me and my friends walked around the area and ate some gelato. We took a train back to Genoa and got ready for the cooking class.

We met by the fountain and took a bus. Once we got there Francesco welcomed us and we got straight to cooking. The cooking took us around 3 hours. We prepared basil pesto pasta gnocchi , focaccia, tiramisu and pasqualini. Once we finished cooking, we sat down at the table, Francesco served us our meals and white wine. We had a great time and got to learn a lot about Italian food and how ot make it ourselves.

Genoa Day 1

By Hospitality in Genoa


After a 2h flight from Rome to Genoa Pauline and I found our way to our apartments. My roommates and I were surprised with the number of stairs that lead to our apartment. We live on the 10th floor and don’t have an elevator but not gonna lie we kind of enjoy it. It’s a part of the European experience. In most European cities people are used to walking a lot and using public transportation. Having a car is not as needed as it is in the US. After getting to know our apartment we went to a restaurant that’s not far away from where we live and we ordered some basil pesto pasta. It was delicious. After that Pauline and I met with Facu and Jerm. In the very morning, at 5am we were all in the same room in Rome and now we were meeting in Genoa. Pauline showed us her apartment and then boys showed us theirs. Right after that we went to the meeting with Prof. Rice. He showed us which areas of the city are safe and which ones we should try to avoid, even though the whole city is pretty safe and there aren’t really dangerous neighbourhoods he still wanted us to be aware about which places are the safest. After the walk around, I showed my friends our apartment. Everyone was surprised by the amount of stairs, however once we reached to the top and saw the view from my balcony we all said that the stairs are worth it.

Then we all went to a restaurant where we had a blast to say the least. We ate delicious food (basil pesto pasta again, and I’m not complaining about it). We drunk some amazing white and red wine. We talked a lot, got to know each other a little better and after being in the restaurant for a few hours we decided to go to my apartment. After being there for some time we wanted to go out and see what Genoa is like at night. We went to a couple of bars, talked to locals and enjoyed ourselves. Overall, it was a really nice day.

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