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Mei-Lin Lam

Getting your feet wet: Exploring the Water Sport Department

By Hospitality in the Caribbean

My second department at Beaches Ocho Rios Jamaica was the Water Sport Department. I was able to learn a lot about what all the watersport department holds from important licenses they need to how to run their operations and all the different activities they have on site for the guests. I was able to experience the Watersport desk where I gave guests information about the tours, rented their snorkeling gears and signed them up for tours they were interested in.     

The other half of the day we got to experience the water sports themselves. I went on the glass-floor snorkeling boat trip and sailing. This was an unreal experience as I got to see flying fishes and a turtle. The whole watersport  department made sure we were learning even while having fun. I definitely   recommend anyone choosing this department If you are interested in the Ocean or would like the get your feet wet.

One big family

By Hospitality in the Caribbean

Beaches Ocho Rios Jamaica is a resort that offered The FIU family a beautiful and eventful experience. What truly set this experience is the warm welcome that we received, which is a testament of becoming one big Jamaican family. 

As soon as we arrived at Beaches Ocho Rios Jamaica, we felt a sense of ease and relaxation. The staff members gave us a big friendly welcome, greeting us with warm smiles and making us feel right at home. This warm welcome extended throughout the entire stay, as everyone went out of their way to ensure we had the best study abroad experience. Our first night we had an incredible welcome dinner where we had our first taste of real Jamaican cuisine, which was the best way to start our journey. We met the Beaches Ocho Rios team and got familiar with some welcome speeches and introductions.

What stood out to me was the supportive environment by the staff members giving us empowerment to make decisions and take ownership during our workcation. Staff members held our hands throughout the journey but also encouraged us to take a lead into giving feedback and open communication.

The union of management at Beaches Ocho Rios Jamaica was something special and it’s clear that they new what hospitality truly meant. This study abroad was a great way to learn how Jamaica ran their resort and a great stepping stone for how other study abroad should lead.

A Taste of The Caribbean: My day in Beaches Ocho Rios Kitchen

By Hospitality in the Caribbean

I’ve always been interested in the kitchen department so when I had the opportunity to work in the Kitchen of Beaches Ocho Rios Jamaica, I jumped at the opportunity. It was an Unforgettable experience that allowed me to meet incredible workers, hospitality in Jamaica and their cuisine. Here’s a glimpse into my Jamaican culinary adventure:

The beaches Ocho Rios Kitchen was busy yet an energetic place, with chefs and cooks showing to work in perfect harmony to prepare the breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet for the guests. As a member of the kitchen team, I was welcomed with open arms and got the opportunity to learn so much from the experienced chefs. They taught me from basic cooking skills, to secrets of Jamaican cooking, and even some cultural Jamaican dancing during our breaks. Working in the Beaches Ocho Rios Kitchen allowed me to meet some amazing people that allowed me to get a better insight into the work-field of kitchen. I met very talented people who were passionate about their work. I also had the opportunity to work different departments in the kitchen from, preparation station, cooking meals, and the pastry department.

Apart from working in the kitchen, One of the highlights of my time in Jamaica was getting to taste all the delicious Jamaican food. From jerk chicken to curry goat and Festivals, I was in spicy food heaven. I loved seeing the similarities from my own cultural foods in the Jamaican cuisine and the bold flavors and spices. I was impressed how the chefs created the dishes, and getting the chance to learn how to prepare some of the dishes myself, which was a real treat.

Overall, my experience while working in the Beaches Ocho Rios Kitchen was truly unforgettable. I learned a lot more than I could imagine, including meeting some amazing people along the way. The food, atmosphere, and hospitality was warm and welcoming. I would recommend this experience to anyone interested in the Kitchen department or anyone who loves food and learning new cultures.



By Hospitality in the Caribbean


During My Trip To Jamaica, We Got To Experience Several Of The Island’s Unique Attractions. Here Are The Highlights Of My Adventure That I’ll Never Forget. The First Thing On Our List Was To Visit One Of Jamaica’s Most Famous Attraction: The Dunn’s River Falls, And I Can See Why. The Waterfall Journey Was Definitely Challenging But The Crystal Clear Water And Natural Pools Made The Experience Worth It. Once You Made It To The Top, The Feeling Of Accomplishment And Views Were Breathtaking. After The Dunn’s River, We Got To Cool Off On The Party Catamaran With Delicious Food And Company. The Catamaran Crew Made The Long Trip Seem Short With Their Fun Cultural Dancing And Involvement Of The Crew.

Once We Were Back From Our Catamaran Trip, We Got To Rest For A Bit To Then Later Head To Our Bioluminescent Water Tour. I Can Confidently Say That It Was One Of The Most Magical Experiences I’ve Ever Had. After The Shortest Boat Ride, I Was Amazed To See The Water Glowing Brightly As The Boat Was Riding The Waters. We Also Got To Learn That The Bioluminescence Is Caused By Tiny Living Organisms. The Entire Experience Was Surreal And Absolutely Unforgettable.

On My Personal Day, I Decided To Make The Most Of My Time Off And Couldn’t Resist Going On The Horseback Riding Excursion. As A Beginner I Was Definitely Nervous At First But I Was Paired With A Beautiful Horse And The Guide Was Experienced And Allowed All Of Us To Feel At Ease With His Jokes And Professionalism. We Rode Through A Beautiful Path That Led Us To The Ocean Where We Were Able To Ride The Horses In The Waters Which Was Exciting Yet Scary. The Whole Experience Was Amazing.

I Couldn’t Have Had A Better Trip Without My Classmates Making The Whole Journey Enjoyable. I Was Able To Meet Other Students From Different Islands Where We Could Relate To Many Things Yet Teach Each Other About Our Different Cultures. From Arguments To Many Laughters, I’ve Met So Many Amazing People Who I Grew Fond Memories With.

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