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Post Departure Blog – Dubai

By Dubai

Here I am, back in reality. Back at home, back to work, back to Miami’s traffic and back to daydreaming about Dubai. It almost feels too real that I was able to travel across the world and meet such a fascinating culture and large sense of accomplishment. Being exposed to this great city sets forth a new visual perspective of what the world has and could accomplish; most importantly, in such a unified and respectful fashion. What was most impressive to me is the way such a multi-cultural society is able to function in the most gratifying and excellent way to give wonderful service/catering to the tourists.

On the eighth day we visited one of the Emirates Office Towers to learn more about the World Expo in 2020, which will take place in Dubai, UAE. Future structures and catering being planned in Dubai is only a bonus to the already great hospitality they have to offer. With what Dubai has planned, I feel confident that this city will be able to provide magnificent world-class service for it upcoming world-class event.


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Unfortunately, Dubai faces obstacles with its reputation due to unflattering circumstances in surrounding countries. But despite this, I have seen great potential for the people from Dubai and I am confident that they will succeed in bringing in 28 million visitors to Dubai by 2020. Everyone was very generous, polite and helpful that it just made me think so much about how we are a diverse nation in the United States, yet the manner in which tourists are being treated are extremely distinctive. In which way? Well, I can say that I’ve never experienced such amazing service from the moment I arrived, till the moment I left. I am certain that Hospitality majors who have traveled or will travel to Dubai leave with the sense of pleasure and new ideas that may perhaps be implemented in their own workplace, as Dubai has left us all star-struck with the amazing innovative and sophisticated hospitality.

With such a great experience, I have planned to make a second trip to Dubai. Most likely during the Expo in 2020, but this time I’d like to share the experience with family members. Since I have been back home, I’ve told them all about Dubai, and just as I am, they are fascinated! Though they have not physically been there, they are more than excited to actually go over and experience the city for themselves.

The last day was memorable, I enjoyed the view from the Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant at the Hyatt Regency , it was simply wonderful. I would also love thank Mozhgan for making this all possible and most importantly for her warm and loving personality. She was the absolute best and I swear I wanted to put her in my pocket. Her knowledge and polite attitude made her approachable every single time. She is an excellent tour guide and once again, would love to thank her for taking so much of her time to guide us on what was the best study abroad class ever!

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Back in Miami.

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Most likely leaving my heart in Dubai

By Dubai
It’s with a heavy heart that I must announce that we have completed day 4 of physically being in Dubai, which has been a beautiful and outstanding experience! Our outstanding tour guide, “Ms. M” (Mozhgan),  has shared some phenomenal information that that has allowed us to learn more about the rapid development the UAE has produced in a short period of time – approximately 20-40 years.
On Wednesday, we were privileged to have learned more about the Nakheel Project at the Nakheel Sales Centre. We learned about how the fast-paced development turns ideas into reality. Interestingly enough, not only is infrastructure being added onto the Palm Islands; they are intelligently creating them to be safe for everyone as well as eco- and tourist-friendly. From the flashing lights on top of high skyscrapers to guide the flying planes, to air conditioning in the bus stops to keep people cool, Dubai is emerging into this futuristic city that people like me cannot resist!
They have everything here in Dubai! I’m always in awe with all the wonderful ideas that have been placed on what was once just desert. At the Nakheel presentation, we also learned that all the sold properties in the World Island have either high or low density, meaning if someone bought an island that has low density (they used less sand), they cannot have a huge skyscraper or large hotel with other large prortioned features because the weight would be too much for the man-made island to sustain. We also know that 70% of the islands have been sold. I was really impressed with all the information and models that they had in their building as well as their building techniques.
When we went to the Burj Khalifa yesterday, I was simply amazed of seeing architecture at its finest. To begin with, we got on the fastest elevator in the world which reaches the top of the building in a about 1 minute to the 123rd floor! Just like everyone else, I felt my ears pop the entire ride. When I got to the top and looked up I became scared because it was just too much to think that I was so high up. I swore the building was moving! It was really hard to wrap in my head that all the tall buildings from the ground now looked so belittled! The view was simply beautiful!! I enjoyed every second of it and hope to come back to Dubai again.  I am seriously in love with this place! & with all honesty, I am not home sick at all!!!
I <3 you, Dubai !

Dubai Hospitality Pre-Departure!

By Dubai

Marhaba (Hello, مرحبا) everyone! Just three days shy to our departure to Dubai in the UAE!

First and foremost, let’s talk about the flight! Get ready for eight hours of high altitude on the world’s largest commercial aircraft followed by six more hours of flight to the home of the largest building on the Earth!

Not only is Dubai known for its exquisite architecture but also for its beautiful man-made islands! Though always a promising success, Dubai strives next with the Nakheel project that is reaching out to build cities perhaps around the world in order to bring tourism, hospitality and comfort from foreign visitors. Luckily, we have managed to obtain a Nakheel presentation in order to learn more about these future plans that with no doubt turn the hospitality charisma into higher standards. Truly a privilege to hear about these great projects, we will also experience for ourselves the Burj Khalifa. This amazing attraction will allow us to physically feel just how great Dubai really is! Being introduced to a different culture will be beneficial to us because we will get to learn about how different varieties of people enjoy high architecture and these man-made beauties!

But for the time being, we pack our bags and daydream about how the next seventy-two hours are going to be life changing. This is going to be such a great experience, I could already feel it!! I just hope we are able to adapt to such a huge difference of environment, I mean, from so much salsa and sun in Miami to finding ourselves literally in a high-end city in the desert! That is just mind-blowing! I honestly haven’t even packed because I am still deciding on what clothes to take, especially because I keep seeing that temperatures are around high sixties; low seventies… I think it might be a little breezy at night but during the day, looks like it may be sunny!

Alright, Dubai 2015!!! Roary climbs Burj Khalifa!!

The Nakheel Project

The Nakheel Project

Burj Khalifa_Currently the tallest building in the world

Burj Khalifa_Currently the tallest building in the world


The Fine Side of London

By London

Today was our first official Friday here in London; and so far it has been a spectacular stay. As indicated in our itinerary, today we visited one, if not thee, best tennis stadiums on Earth: Wimbledon (The All England Lawn Tennis Club).

We had the pleasure of having Ben as our host, who introduced us to very great and detail-oriented information in which he takes part of all year-round, only to have the stadium open for championships, which we were informed starts in the beginning of July 2015.  Hospitality did not stay behind in this magnificent orientation. The stadium hosts at least three different types of tiers for hospitality in which fans and/or players from all around the world are able enjoy during these remarkable and memorable games. As hospitality majors, it was vital for us to learn about this remarkable club found in the heart of the British and how applying dedication and finesse in such a detailed manner could really bring back, not millions, but billions of viewers every year.

After some free time, some of us were able to experience a 3D movie played in the miniature theater, which provided a taste of what it is like at the stadium when the games come around.  It was also intriguing to learn about the amount of interest they have in regards to growing and preparing the grass for the players.

We learned about how this historical and famous sport in England dates back from the 1860s, and we learned that women used to wear large corsets and were even paid less than men to play. Fortunately, women are now being paid the same amount as men and no longer need to wear such large and heavy corsets.  What they wear now are typically white short skirts with undershorts that have a one fourth inch logo either on the shorts and/or chest area. Other players using a more fashionable line rather than a sporty line place this logo on the sleeve of their top.

We also learned about the substantial amount of money that players earn when they win a tournament, which turns out to be approximately £ 25 million, split between five hundred players.

Though the temperature in weather dropped significantly today, the group still managed to get through the cold winds and withstand their chilly hands. Despite our time coming to an end, we also had the chance to go to Bea’s of Bloomsbury around St. Paul’s Cathedral.  There, we had the opportunity to enjoy our favored English tea along, with some absolutely amazing sweet assortments under beautiful teapot lights. It was definitely a great experience here because the group was able to see what the culture is like here in London, and we had a taste how the British enjoy their tea.

Today we not only were we able to see the beauty and activities that this city has to offer but we were also able to experience and learn about it, which is a great endorsement for those who are considering to study or move to London.

Since we were near St. Paul’s Cathedral, which had a handful of attractions, some of us withdrew from the group and enjoyed the life around the city by going skating at the Somerset House, enjoying a variety of pubs, or even enjoying all the different activities in the famous Piccadilly Square. The group really enjoyed these very informative and once in a lifetime experiences with FIU, and we are happy to show you our experiences through pictures.   Enjoy!

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