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Jeremiah Williams

Day 5 May 11th- Day 6 May 12th

By Hospitality in Genoa

Day 5 May 11th- 

Free day, we were given the day to choose to what we would like to do. I decided to go to the super market to pick up some things for the apartment and cook. It’s been a while since I had the opportunity to cook something and take the day slow. So that’s exactly what I did.

Day 6 May 12th- 

Today was my favorite day. Im a big wine person. I love to taste and experience Different wines. So on this day we went up to norther Italy, to La Morra. We visited and toured Agricola Brandini. They are a winery, restaurant, and resort. They showed us their distillery and we tasted a number of their selected wines. We then dined at their restaurant where we had some delicious selected dishes. 

Day 3 May 9th- Day 4 May 10th

By Hospitality in Genoa

Day 3 May 9th- 

On the third day we visited a number of Italian cities along the coast. The cities we visited were Santa Margherita, Portofino, Camogli. We visited each town by boat enjoying the view that you never really get to see from the water. The view of the mountains and coast of Italy was beautiful. 

Day 4 May 10th- 

On the fourth day we were given a tour of the Lavazza Headquarters in Turin. We learned about the rich history of the company “Lavazza” and got to see how the company produces their coffee. We saw the entire production from where the coffee is delivered to where it is packaged and loaded onto trucks and shipped out. 

Day 1&2 May 7th & 8th

By Hospitality in Genoa

Getting to Genoa was the hardest part. Simply because of the trains from the Rome heading into Genoa. The first train I tried to make was a through the night train from 11:50pm on Saturday and arriving to Genoa on Sunday around 8am. There was a connecting train that I had to make to make the overnight train. The initial train was running ten minutes late. So when I arrived at the second terminal the following pulling away. Was then and there stranded in Rome. By I luckily had friends staying in Rome and stayed the night with them and took a train in the morning. In Genoa the whole group was treaded to some Amazing local cuisine. 

Day 2 May 8th- 

We toured around Genoa seeing the local shops and grocery stores. Where to go for quality food and good places to visit. We then took a train to Nervi where we walked the board walk and through some parks and local areas Nervi had to offer. Some friends and I sat at a bar enjoying coffee and the view before then later taking a train back to Genoa. We then attended some cooking lessons where we made some local dishes from Scratch. We made pesto, gnocchi, tiramisu, foccatia, and Pasqulian pie.  

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