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Jordyn Philo

Day Six

By Hospitality in the Caribbean 2024


Our last day.

We took a tour of Sandles Dunns River. This property was so beautiful. Everything overlooked the water, and we could view some of the rooms. With the view and service, you definitely get a well-paid experience. There are multiple restaurants to dine from, all beside each other. We talked a lot about their internship program during this trip, and this is where I would love to shadow departments. Sandles is the true definition of luxury. From their spa to personalized care, I would recommend this resort to many people. We had an amazing lunch here and met with the general manager.

After our return, we had our farewell dinner. Students were selected to give speeches on their experience during this study abroad. I tried more authentic Jamaican food, such as pumpkin rice.

I am genuinely grateful to have experienced this trip and met with such great people. Although I am not a hospitality major, I have gained much interest in the career field. I hope to go on a trip like this next year. I made such amazing friends with whom I hope to keep in connection. I plan to apply for the internship and gain more experience in the departments I shadowed. I recommend this study abroad for anyone interested in business operations. This is also the perfect trip for someone to gain experience in study abroad. Now that I have experienced this week-long study abroad, I feel more comfortable trying more extended opportunities.

Day Five – Six

By Hospitality in the Caribbean 2024

Day Five:

In preparation for our study abroad, many students and others were able to donate school supplies to Boscobel Primary School. My expectations were very different from what I saw at this school. Not many teachers are available, so some students must stay home. It was a very small school that had many students. The class of four and I were able to complete the worksheets together. We surprised the kids with new bookbags and other supplies. You could tell the teachers and students were very grateful. This was my most meaningful experience on this trip.

We ended the day at the Luminous Lagoon. This experience was exciting, and I enjoyed myself. Every movement we made in the water glowed. I wish I had stayed in the water longer!

Day Three – Four

By Hospitality in the Caribbean 2024


Day Three:

Excursion Day!!

We had a very early start, but it was made up on the ride to the first excursion, Blue Hole. Blue Hole was very fun, even though I didn’t feel comfortable jumping in the water. There were many opportunities to sit in the water while I watched my classmates jump from such heights. The guides were very alert and wanted to ensure everyone’s safety. Afterward, we went river tubing, which I fully participated in. The guide contributed significantly to our fun. He spun us while we were going down the tough waters. This was my favorite excursion. Finally, my classmates went zip lining. We returned to the bus and picked up authentic Jamaican food on the way back to the resort.

In the evening, we had a tour and dinner at Sandles Ochi. Everyone was dressed in white for the white night. The tour included three properties in one and the central laundry room. There is a chapel at the end of the pier that has a clear aisle.

Day Four:

My favorite day on the whole trip. After breakfast, as a team, we meet with the following departments. I was able to shadow Cost Control. In Cost Control, there is a “grocery store” that the restaurants and bars have to buy from. The weights and costs are double-checked to ensure everything is correct. The bars have a “one in, one out” type of program. Bars must send empty bottles to be checked off and then replenished with the same bottles. Cost Control is essentially innovatory. I learned so much from this department experience; everyone was very inviting.

Next, I was able to shadow Weddings. I learned about the packages offered and how someone books a wedding at Beaches or Sandles. The team was very friendly and informative. I would definitely be interested in working in all these departments long term.

Day One – Two

By Hospitality in the Caribbean 2024

Day One:

Landing in the beautiful Jamaica began the start of an amazing spring break and study abroad. After Immigration, we were guided to a lounge for those waiting to go to Beaches and Sandals. We even had our own bus for the long ride to the resorts. We were greeted with drinks and cold towels. I finally met my roommates in person and explored the resort after we were shown to our room. While having lunch, I witnessed a Jamaican take on Sesame Street characters at their afternoon show while children in the audience joined them in dance. I ended the day by joining my classmates at the fire/circus show.

Day Two:

We started the day early for a meet-and-greet with Raven, the head of the department of sales. Raven took us on a tour of Beaches Ocho Rios, where we learned that the hotel offered 222 rooms in 16 different types. There is a total of seven different restaurants that feature different cuisines. After our tour, my favorite part was meeting with the department heads of those we could not shadow. I loved hearing from HR and accounting. My first department orientation was environmental health and safety. Jardin, the department head, informed us about every aspect of her job and why it was necessary. This department handles licenses and safety measures. Randomly, she has to audit the different departments to ensure they are updated with information and regulations. Did you know they have to have a license for every kayak they have? She even goes to court on behalf of the resort to update licensing.

We ended our day at the welcome dinner with the department heads. The food was amazing, and I learned so much. Jolon, the department head of entertainment, did a fantastic job hosting us.

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