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Jorge Barreto

The Beginning

By London

Day 1

Top of the morning, mate!! Ahh yes — 0 degrees Celsius to start our EURO Trip. The first day consisted of loooooong flights and boogie nights. Here’s a breakdown of how it all unfolded:

8:55pm – 12:55pm
The Super Flight took a Bagillion hours !!! We embarked on our journey cruising on a A380 Airbus AirFrance from Miami to Paris.


We arrived in Paris but only for just a “hot minute” (briefly).  I bought a Bordeaux at the airport – many thanks to Professor Hebrank on the wine knowledge. In less than an hour, we hopped on our second flight; this flight was much shorter, from Paris to our final destination. Hang on London we are goin’ in!

We arrived in London Heathrow and made it to our hotel. After unpacking we walked down the block and shared a toast.


After a nice dinner of salmon, peking duck, and robust turkey at the Giffafe (family style dinner), the entire study abroad crew went back to the Lancaster Gate Hotel and retired…. Except yours truly and my new PIC (partner in crime), Rafael. We don’t sleep.

Deep at night

Me and Rafa took our talents to Piccadilly to see what’s the dilly. Haha! I found a spot called the Whisky Mist on the side of the Hilton hotel. All of these nightclubs were found on  It was real, it was fun, but it wasn’t real fun. Me and my wing expected more out of Whisky Mist. After our ears were left ringing from heavy duty rap music, we got back on the bus and headed home.

(Deeper than your swimming pool)

It’s been 2 hours and we still haven’t found our hotel!! We asked for directions in a dark, back alley from a spooky 87-year-old lady who struggled to keep her teeth in her mouth as she was giving us directions. Her dentures kept slipping out, making it so freaking creepy!! Me and Rafa couldn’t stop laughing on the way back home. Finally we found the hotel and called it a night.

Extra bonus blog

Day 2

What we learned

Pure Events

Presenter: Charlotte Wilson

Trust = (Credibility + Values) / Risk
The client says we have 300 people, and she makes the event happen with her reliable catering group and production team.
She works within her budget and has a intricate way of charging for her commissions.
They love Istanbul and the south of France.
Advice: Know your destinations.
Biggest Challenge: little unforeseeable things.

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