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Day 8 in London

By London

This was my first time to London; it was an amazing trip for me. As we had a 10 day trip in London, every day I could see new things. I was so excited with all of them.

The first memory in my mind was Big Ben. Our tour guide Florence leaded us to the Westminster station by tube. It was so cool, because I didn’t take a subway in Florida. And I also found the speed of London was so fast, everyone walked fast on their way. When we arrived there, the scene surprised me. The Big Ben stand front me, it was so amazing. The gold tower with the great weather, I think it was more magnificent than I found in website.

The second memory was Westminster Abbey. I used to go to other church to visit in China, but Westminster Abbey was the first that I visit at abroad. According to my travel book, “It was famous as the resting place of Britain’s monarchs, and as the setting for coronations and other great pageants, such as the marriage of Prince William in 2011” (Jane, 2014). It was a great experience to visit here and I knew more about it after I visited.

Next one was fuller’s Griffin Brewery. I had no ideas before I visited fuller’s Griffin Brewery. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and great information presented by our guide. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the history behind this family business. The guide was patient to tell us the history and the process of their beer. After visited, we tasted the different beers. To be honest, it tasted good.

Another one is the Tower of London. My travel book says, “For much of its 900-year history the Tower was an object of fear. Those who had committed treason or threatened the throne were held within its dank walls. A lucky few lived in comparative comfort, but the majority had to endure appalling conditions. Many did not get out alive, and some were tortured before meeting violent deaths on nearby Tower Hill” (Jane, 2014). The most attractive part is the jewel house. The diamond shows the luxurious life in that history.

I also think the food in London was delicious. Most of our dinner I liked. We can taste the different foods here. In our free time, we went to the Chinese restaurants. I think it was so good, just like we ate in China, even better than that. That was unbelievable. Another thing that I wanted to do is shopping. The store in London has so many choices for us. The Harrods showed the luxury brands and convent garden had more unique stores for us to look around.

I really liked the feeling to walk around at the street in London. I liked to see the immemorial buildings and also wanted to see more differences things at here. There are so many other things I want to know from London. Maybe I will come back again.

This trip also was very unforgettable; we had a lot of happy time together, such as dinnertime, the time on subway and also the time we visited the scenic spots. I also want to say thanks to our professor, Dr. Kitterlin. She is so nice and patience, even though we are so tired in the trip, she always waits us and make sure we are not lost.


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