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Day 6 in London :D

By London

Today is the sixth day in London and the earliest we have had to be up during the trip. The day started with breakfast at 7:30 am right before we had to board the coach at 7:50 am to head to the Gatwick Airport.

On the ride over to the Hilton at Gatwick Airport, the sun was rising and almost everyone on the bus took advantage of this time to go to sleep, since it was an hour and a half ride to get there. In the meantime, I was wide awake and taking pictures of Andrea, watching professor Kitterlin take pictures of Dawn sleeping as well, and enjoying the view over. Once we got to the Hilton, we immediately walked in and Mr. Jeremy Taylor greeted us and walked us over to the room. On our seats, we had a magazine that is published by the company and a little plane.

Jeremy Taylor (Chief Executive of Gatwick Diamond Business) and Guy Hilton (Hilton Hotel), the presenters, gave us background information of their companies.  One of the things I found most beneficial was that throughout his presentation, Mr. Taylor kept mentioning how important it is to stand out from others and to take responsibility for your actions. After the presentations, we had a brief 20–minute back of the house tour. My group started by going to the ballrooms that they reserve when flights are delayed and have guests waiting there. Then, we headed over to the kitchen and met the Executive Chef, Andy, and from there we walked over to the elevator to the fourth floor to see two rooms. The first room we saw had three beds and up to six people could easily fit. The second room we saw was a much smaller room for one person. One thing that really caught my attention was the bathroom. It was super nice and had a shower and a bath 😮 !

At the end of the tour, we went back to the room we were in and had a brief discussion and Q &A section. The way we ended the trip at the Hilton was by visiting the south terminal of Gatwick Airport and getting an idea of what it looks like.

Around 12 pm, we were on the bus headed to the British Museum. On our way, we passed a bridge and it had the most beautiful view. I could see Big Ben, the London Eye, etc. Before we went to the British Museum, we had time to go get a quick snack.  I went to get a Croissant stuffed with chocolate and a Coke. At 1:50, we met inside the museum and the tour guide was there and guided us through the museum.

Once we were done with the museum, we headed over to dinner at Roti Chai. I’ve never tried Indian food, but I’m so happy I did because it was delicious. Today was an extremely long day and I can’t wait to go to sleep and have more adventures tomorrow! 🙂

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