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Gladys Calvino

Genoa Inizi

By Hospitality in Genoa


I’ve been wanting to go on this Genoa study abroad trip since I found out about it in 2021. I went from being wait listed to selected and then the trip was canceled but I believe it was for a reason. Now I’m in Italy with an awesome group of students and there’s so much to do. The first time I spoke with my room mates Candela and Melanie was when I spoke with them over the phone about flight options and now the first time, we officially met was a few hours before our Flight to Italy. Our flight was from Miami to Madrid and from Madrid to Turin Italy. We then got on a train from Turin to Genoa and it took us a full day of travel to get here. Once my roommates and I got to the apartment we went out and explored the town. Our apartment is in a nice Piazza that has a lot of night life and good restaurants. We had our first Italian dinner in the restaurant right below us and it was great. I think we all really got along from the start and can’t wait to explore Italy together.

On Day 1 I woke up around 10 a.m. and started getting ready for the day. Candela and I ended up going to a place called Yummy Bakery for breakfast, we got Nutella croissants and regular ones with an espresso and a peach tea drink. Later that day we met the entire group and Professor Rice by the Piazza de Ferrari. He took us on a tour around Genoa talking to us about the history of these beautiful buildings and amazing places to visit. We started walking and took an elevator that took us to a beautiful park with the most amazing view from the top of all of Genoa. After the tour we all went to Dinner in the Ugo Trattoria where we were all greeted with smiles and beverages like water, and wine. I got the Pesto Fettuccine as a first course and then a Beef Milanese ending with chocolate mousse. The food and detail of dinner was amazing and a great overall all experience.

On Day 2 Professor Rice took us on a food tour walking around Genoa while pointing out so many good places to eat at from sit down restaurants to quick service restaurants. We explored different Plazas, Markets and passed by so many families own businesses and restaurants. Later that afternoon we took a Train to the town of Nervi, it’s an amazing view from everywhere we walked too once there. We split into groups every day for some free time and it’s always so much fun. Candela, Melanie, and I decided to go to a beach called pebble beach that has a spectacular view and it also had a bar and food, so we ordered something’s to try like a salami and cheese panini. Nervi was my favorite place from these 2 days. I’m very excited to continue exploring Genoa and all of Italy.

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