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Time to say goodbye- Chengdu

By Marriott Tianjin China Program – Spring 2019

Time flies! I remember when I got here, and it feels like yesterday.  I can’t believe that the time to say good bye to all the amazing people I met, and to the incredible food that I tried in this country is here. 

In the last month, I traveled to Chengdu to see their beautiful scenery, the pandas, and of course, to try their local food.

Chengdu is located in the southwest of China, and is the capital of Sichuan province. This province is known for having the spiciest hotpot in China. Hotpot is a very famous cooking method in the country. This is prepared with a simmering large pot of stock that is placed in the middle of the table so all the people are able to reach it . This works by ordering some East Asian foodstuffs and ingredients such as; vegetables red meats, seafood, and so on. This is a must-try in China because it tastes amazing, and it is also a great experience! 

I also tried the pancakes that they had in Chengdu which were very interesting because of their unique flavors mix. They are mixed with spicy, sweet and sour ingredients.  The mix ingredients such as potatoes, sugar, sesame paste, chili, and others ! It is just fun to experience all this unique mixes, and of course, it tastes so good! 

This are Chao Shou “folded arms” Dumplings in chili oil sauce. These were one of the best dumplings I tried in China . I had mine filled with pork; it was soo yummy. I had 3 different styles: the first ones was in chili oil sauce with sesame seeds; the second ones were kind of the same , but with a chili powder and some scallions; and the last ones were in a soup . The three of them were incredible, but my favorites were the ones with the chili powder because they were more spicy! 

I also tried many kinds of noodles. The first ones were the cold noodles “liang mian,” which were very tasty and refreshing. This are prepared with a classic Sichuan flavor combination of sugar, black vinegar and chili peppers. The second were the sweet water noodles “ Tian Shui Mian,” which were very chewy noodles with pepper-spiked sweet sesame sauce, chili oil, and soy sauce. The third ones were called “Dandanmian” or Dan Dan Noodles. These ones were topped with a smidge of crumbled ground pork and marinated with a five spice sauce; just delicious! 

I’m sure I’ll miss all of this tasty food that I tried!  Study Abroad is an amazing experience that I recommend everyone to have. There are no words to describe how amazing it is!   


By Marriott Tianjin China Program

I can’t belive how time flies…  this is about to end, and I don’t want that to happen.. 

At the end of February I made a trip to Xi’an an amazing city full of history and delicious food!  

As you may know, every time I travel and I have the opportunity to buy tickets for a food tour I take it .. I think that is a very good source to discover the local food from the city without making mistakes. This tour also gave me another experience that was the transportation that they use in the Muslim quarter the “Tuk tuk” is a little bike that looks like a small car that is only allowed inside of the Muslim quarter ( a place that they have an enormous variety of different foods and flavors) Just as a little fact, Xi’an has a large Muslim population. 

Biang biang mian is a local type of noodles incredible amazing. And as a fun fact it has the most difficult Chinese character


I can’t explain how amazing they were. I came back to Tianjin looking for them 

This is a sour and spicy egg soup. I loved it because the sour and the spicynes were perfectly balanced ! 

Babaozhou cold and sweet porridge. It is a cold rice pudding with dry fruits, nuts and seeds. Something very different from what I’m used to eat , but super tasty! 

Lamb and beef kebabs are sticks with lamb or beef made in BBQ style spread with cumin and mix of chili and served with bread! 

This is an interesting local soup made with pieces of bread and beef. 

And here are some other pictures..  

And here is some of the local Tianjin food 

This experiences of traveling to new places, eating new food, meeting new people, and learning more about other cultures have enhanced me a lot in my personal and social life. It is an amazing opportunity to open your mind and to see what the world has to offer you ! 

Holidays in Shanghai

By Marriott Tianjin China Program – Spring 2019

Another holiday in China after a long holiday back home.. We have two weeks free for the celebration of Chinese New Year. As most of you should know and for the ones who do not, Chinese New year is based on the Lunar Calendar. This year was celebrated on February 5th,  they have twelve different symbolic animals for their calendar,  and this year 2019 is  “The Year of the Pig.”

For our break we decided to go to Shanghai. Why? Maybe because it is one of the most known cities in China. We also spent a day in Hangzhou that is a city close to Shanghai. Is also a beautiful city that I recommend to visit.

Practically this entire holiday, I spent most of the time eating. And why not? Is my break, so I think it is absolutely valid. This was our first dinner in Shanghai. Here in China, it is very common to order a lot of dishes and share them.

The second day I met with a Chinese friend that lives in Shanghai, and she took me to try some Korean food!

Yes chicken feet… NEVER AGAIN!, but the butter bread was INCREDIBLE!

After this huge meal, it was time for me to go to my dinner tour. Of course I was already satisfied, but that did not mean I did not try everything they gave us on the tour, and let me tell you that it was a lot of food.

I highly recommend buying the food tour because in this way you are able to discover food places that you may not discover alone, and they also have an English speaker. Here are some pictures of my dinner tour… I hope you enjoy them!

Best Dumplings and Soup Dumplings I have ever tried.

This is something that they used to sell in small street shops. Is a kind of “pita bread” filled with pork and veggies. AMAZING!

Pork belly.. NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE how great it was !

Noodles with something amazing (do not know what) and yellow wine. I love that all noodles have something special in particular.

Last, but not least dessert. This was a cold mango dessert with coconut milk, fresh mango cubes, pomelo, and tapioca. OMG !

And for last we got a sample of beers.

Now I’m going to show you more food pictures without description.

The last picture is wine rice with a dried snake inside! Why not? They love to be unique!


By Marriott Tianjin China Program – Spring 2019

Food and Beverage

This is almost my third week in TUC-FIU, and I’m loving it. I just feel very welcome because people here are very kind hearted. And what can I tell about the food… Food is also amazing.

They have a completely different cuisine, and in my perspective, it is much healthier than American cuisine. They eat a lot of vegetables seasoned with Asian spices, rice, noodles, dumplings, pork, tofu and so on. They really love spicy food. I’m from Mexico, so I’m familiar with spicy food, and of course I also love it. As we might know, they use chopsticks instead of silverware, so many times certain food is a challenge to manage… but nothing that with practice you can’t handle.

Huang Gua Zhe Pi

Sunday, January 6th at night, they prepared a welcome dinner for us. I tried all the different dishes, but I tried one that was something completely new for me; something very exclusive that I haven’t heard or try before… jellyfish. Yes, and I’m not kidding. It was a very nice experience, and a dish that I really enjoyed having. I love to try everything so why not try jellyfish? The texture was very funny and it was prepared with cucumber and a kind of soy or vinegar sauce which tasted a little too salty.

Jiao ze

Sunday, January 13th, Chinese students organized an activity for us to make dumplings. We learned how to make dumplings, and it was not easy as it seems. We made dumplings filled with different ingredients such as: pork, mushrooms, shrimp and cabbage. After that, the chefs cooked them for us, and we ate them. I’m not kidding, I ate at least more than 20.    

So far, I haven’t seen food with nice presentation, but I think because I have been eating at the university canteens. But don’t take me wrong; it might not have the best presentation, but the flavors are unique and enjoyable. I hope I can show you some food with nice presentation in my next post

Wine in China?

Yes, the wine industry is growing so fast…  And it tastes so good!

In my next post I will show you a little bit more of the Chinese snacks that completely caught my attention.     

Mo Yu Shuang & 

Bing Tang Hu Lu

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