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Diana Beltran

Here we go Costa Rica!

By Costa Rica

I am very excited to be leading a small but mighty group of FIU students to Costa Rica!  I know it will be not just an unforgettable personal experience but also a lifetime learning on our industry that will provide a new perspective as a responsible global traveler.

Throughout the 9 days we will see first hand what is a Sustainable Touristic country though the eyes of a tourist, hotel operator, locals and  officials.  I look forward to reading our students’ experiences and views on sustainable operations, eco, volunteer and indigenous tourism.

Vamos a ver Pura Vida!

We will be using the following hashtags in social media- feel free to follow us!  #fiuhospitality,  #fiugoesabroad, #fiupanthersabroad, #CostaRicaSustainAbleTourismFIU

Yours Truly,

FIU Adjunct Professor Diana C. Beltran


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