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Day 6 Last Day! / Summary

By Hospitality in the Caribbean 2024


Day 6 our last full day in Jamacia! We woke up early to visit Sandals Dunns River! This was an amazing resort that included 12 dining resturants, 5 pools, and views that will always amaze! As soon as we entered this resort it felt amazing! The sun was shining and the people were smiling! As we took our tour we saw their strip which had their gift shop, photoshop place, and travel and loyalty office which is located near the front desk for easy to find access! Then we visited their many dining options from italitan to asian to caribbean style food and atmosphere! They have connected restaurants which means guest can travel from one to the next by simply walking though the connected doorway. After we visited their restuarants we made our way to the rooms! They have three tiers luxury, club, and butler. We saw each tier and they keep upgrading to a higher standard! They have luxury amenities for every guest and do not disappoint on service! We then scouted the pools and the beach access! Moving on to their lounge bar we met with their staff and learned a bit more about the Jamacian culture and how sandals encorporates it into their brand!

We made our way back to our resort and started getting ready for our farewell dinner 🙁 As a slide of our trip played in the background we enjoyed the last night we had together! We then had our speeches! Everyone had amazing things to say about our experience, the staff and each other! We all nearly bursted out in tear with each speech yet it was an amazing way to end our journey! I have enjoyed so much meeting everyone and having the opportunity to go on this experience! Thank you Sandals, FIU and everyone on the trip! This was a study abroad I will always remember! :))

Day 5: A day to remember

By Hospitality in the Caribbean 2024


The 5th day in jamacia was one we all will remember! We had went and visited with the kids of the Bascobel Primary School. At first I was a bit nervous knowing I be stuck in a room full of kids, its not my thing. However, we got there and Ms. Lindsay started assigning us to a room, I had got the pleasure of sitting with three wonderful kids. We had started by doing some worksheets and we all completed them together, then we moved onto coloring which was my personal favorite part! We had a game where when one of us would say switch and we would have to put the crayon we were using down and pick up another color! I could tell the kids enjoyed it! After all was done it was an amazing experience not only for them but for us FIU students! I got the pleasure of talking with Ms. Lindsay and working out a deal where I could send the kids a picture of us together! This day was something I did not expect but was a great experience all around!

We later had a small excursion to the luminous lagoon! It was great and a great ending excursion! Although I did not get in the water from the boat the look was beautiful! Our guide said that once the organisms are bothered they glow and you could tell! The stars that night were also amazing! Coming from Florida I have never seen so many stars! I glad I could be apart of it!

Day 4: All about the Departments!

By Hospitality in the Caribbean 2024


Sandals Day 4 started off strong with my first department of the day EHS aka Enviromental Health and Safety. It was just Bri and I with the EHS team! First, we went over all the licenses that the resort needs/has also the license importance and renewal time. They had a checklist folder for organization of each department within the those that needs licences such as kitchen for fire, watersports for equiment, and overall property licences. After we went of that we had continued with a short tour as we made our way down to the beach. There was a safety simulation that one of the lifegaurds needed to complete as it was the end of the month showing that their licence would need a renewal. We had watched as the lifegaurds had simulated a possible drowning/unconsiousness situation and how they handled it. This was intriguing because we learned what procedures go into a rescue and how to respond accordingly. We then ended our department shaddowing by a Q & A. This is where we learned all about their sustainability efforts! How they shreded their paper and donated it to put into coffins so it is a more natural decomposer for the soil! I was then off to the 2nd department of the day entertainment. We were helping set up the staff awards happening that night! They had a maskerade theme! We helped by setting up the tables and they let us use some creative freedom on how we placed the napkins. Although entertainment was not my track it was very interesting to see how they set up such an event and the behind the scenes of it! We also got to talk to jolen at the end of our set up and it was enlightening to see how he developed into a corporate lifestyle. It was a nice talk into the life of someone who did this everyday! After our departments got done it was freetime till tomorrow! Another day in Jamacia spent learning about all that Hospitality has to offer!

Days 2 and 3: Discovering Operations and Having Fun!

By Hospitality in the Caribbean 2024


Day 2 in Jamacia! It started early most meeting at the buffet for breakfast. The bacon was my favorite part of breakfast at the resort! This was department day, we would shadow our department and learn the ins and outs of how they operate. Our uniform was a white shirt and black dress pants. However, before we started our shaddowing a tour of where we were staying for the next week! We started our tour at the kids camp which had colorful walls and a lively atmosphere! They had accomadation areas from kids 0-17 years old. Almost leaving behind some of our group we moved on to pools, resturants, and beach access. They had a waterpark, kiddie pool, and main pool as well as the path down to the beach where you can enjoy chilling in the sand or having fun with the staff doing watersports! They had 7 resturants on property from Italitan cuisine to Mediterranean to French. There is something for everyone! They had a spa, gym and entertainment stage so that everyone apart of your family can enjoy. After our tour we split into our groups and headed off with the department head. My first department was Concierge. We met with Ms. Cion the head of the concierge at Beaches Ocho Rios! She informed us of the three tiers of service they provide which is Luxury, Club and Bulter. At our resort they only provide Luxury and Club. We met with the concierge who was working at the desk at the time Lenford and they both gave us wonderful insight on the world of their day to day! Each concierge is there to enhance your stay and inform you about the fun you can have on and off the resort! To end the day we had our welcome dinner! A Jamacian experience I will forever remeber! From the food to the speeches to the dancing! This was a great way to start our trip together!

Day 3 was Excursion Day!! Professors Dodge and Dawn had a great day planned for us! We started by taking the bus to a different Sandals in order to fill out our paper work and check out the gift shop! We then headed back to the bus and on the winding narrow road to go rock jumping, tubing and ziplining! We started with the rock jumping! I am not afraid of height but it scared me to see our 15 ft drop at the end. Most of the group despite the nerves had made their way up through the cliffs of rushing water! The water was really cold at first but felt nice! We made our jumps down to the big one! When it was my turn I jumped and thought the water was closer so I had that split second feeling of floating! It was really fun and we ended that part of the excursion with a handlebar push into the water! For our second event of the day we had went tubing down the river. It was funny because we started by ourselves but when we all had to form “a fiu chain” we all look around quickly and hold on to the person nearest! On tubing I felt like I had met more of the group and interacted/getting to know more of them! After tubing we headed for the zipline our last excursion of the day. We got strapped into our harness and given helments and gloves as well as breifed on what to do on the zipline. We then took to our climb to the top. Once at the top we took some pictures and started the fun. As we went one by one we all turned to those behind us asking to film and I think we all had a great time ziplining! We then made our way back to the resort stopping on the way for lunch! Then it was on the way to Sandals Ochi! We had met Ms. Lindsay and she gave us a tour around Sandals Ochi we visited not only the FOH but the BOH as well. We had saw where all the Sandals in Jamacia have their laundry sent, cleaned, and resent out to them daily! We then had dinner at this Sandals. Our dinner was amazing I had mashed potatos and grilled chicken! It was soooooo good! We ended our night there sitting on the beach watching the stars!

Day 1 in Jamacia

By Hospitality in the Caribbean 2024


First day in Jamacia! My morning started of by making sure I packed everything I needed for our trip. Then I had to drive to my friends house and drop off betty(my car). My friend allowed me to park at her house then she drove me too the airport! Much cheaper than uber or parking at the airport! Then I had arived at the airport around 8:40! I got checked in and through security! I do not eat before I head to the airport because I get really nervous of checking in and finding my gate. Once that happened I enjoyed a bagel and cream cheese while waiting on the rest of the group to arrive. I spotted my roomates fabi and vanessa then we made our way to the gate. Professor Dodge then gave us our gifts which was a fiu bag with a fiu study abroad shirt! Then we took flight! When we arrived in jamacia we got our bags and met up at the Sandals lounge in the airport. There we got briefly introduce to each oher and made our way to the bus. A two hour drive later and we were at the Beaches Ocho Rios resort where we were met by the staff and by a few friends from Sesame Street! We hugged the cookie monster and had a quick hello to staff and made our way to the lobby for our room keys. Fabi, Vanessa and I were escorted by Ms. Lindsay to our room where we saw a letter from the GM Mr.B as well as three hats, books, and jamacian treats. Ms. Linsay then gave us three a small tour around the resort and helped us with whatever we needed! We ended our day with checking out the buffet and digging into dinner! Our first day was a huge success being in the beautiful beach side resort with new friends!

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