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Arrival / Start of Classes

By Marriott Tianjin China Program – Fall 2019

Tianjin-Drum-Tower-1 Initial-Bed-Cushion-3 Walking-Around-Dalian-China Tianjin-Drum-Tower Super-cushioned-bed-for-back-support..-HEAVEN-SENT Roommate-Ana-Julia-and-I-at-the-Tianjin-Eye-1 Initial-Bed-Cushion-2 Initial-Bed-Cushion-1 Castle-Hotel-In-Dalian-1 Roommate-Ana-Julia-and-I-at-the-Tianjin-Eye Initial-Bed-Cushion Castle-Hotel-In-Dalian

Hello again from Tianjin!! It is hard to believe that we are close to a month in already! I am absolutely loving my new home and have been truly enjoying all the things I have been able to do and accomplish!

I am only taking two classes this semester as those are the only classes I need to graduate; therefore, I have a good amount of time on my hands to not only focus on school but on myself.

In both of my classes we have groups, so it has been a lot of fun getting to know all of the students here. Even with the language barrier we make it work. Thanks to a Didi driver I has I was able to purchase an application for my phone which allows anyone to speak in whichever language they prefer, and it translates it to any other language. This app has been a GAME CHANGER and has genuinely made all of my interactions here with others smooth, regardless if they know English or not!

Thus far I have seen a few Tianjin attractions, from riding The Eye to visiting Culture Street and the Drum Tower.  I’m not quite done finding a lot of Tianjin’s hidden gems, but I am definitely excited to see all the other places as well.

Roommate Ana Julia and I at the Tianjin Eye

Aside from Beijing, I have had the opportunity to visit Dalian, China and stayed in an actual castle! Dalian, a former Russian city, was so full of history…. and pollution. Everywhere you looked the buildings had the dome roofs which is what is seen commonly from Russian architecture.

Castle Hotel in Dalian

Coming to China I was prepared for a lot of changes… but BOY I was not ready for the mattress that we were going to be getting… or should I say LACK of a mattress. This was a big struggle for me arriving here due to having medical issues. After three trips to stores such as Walmart and Ikea, I was finally able to make myself some 5-star comfort FIU-TUC style. It has definitely been an interesting but HUGE victory on my end.

Initial bed cushion
Super cushioned bed for back support.. HEAVEN SENT

With Golden week quickly approaching, stay tuned to my next adventure in China, it’s going to be a big one!

Walking Around Dalian, China

Ready or not, Here I come!

By Marriott Tianjin China Program – Fall 2019

Getting ready to leave!!

I am beyond excited for my new journey to an entirely whole new world. This is my second study abroad program this year and as a full-time employee at Marriott International, one of my main concerns was making the decision to risk losing my job in order to go off and study again. The time needed for my upcoming full semester in China is no comparison to the time I needed to request off previously. However, after speaking to the General Manager of my property and explaining her the opportunity, she placed me on a leave of absence. 

With this, all my nerves went away! 

I will be going to China with a few people I already know which makes me more excited than anything. Prior to getting to China, I will be taking a week cruise with my family and a week trip to two other countries in Asia in route to this program. Due to these other trips and relocating to Tianjin – where we’ll be experiencing seasons!! – the packing process has been quite tricky because I do not want to overpack!

After making a full plan, I was able to fit a month’s worth of “warm” clothes in a small carry on, and I was able to fit a large luggage inside of an even larger luggage (allowing me to have a full empty luggage for my return trip back home which will allow me to purchase souvenirs for myself, family, and friends). Inside the large luggage I used space saving bags to pack for both fall and winter clothing. I packed a variety of shoes, from sandals to sneakers to boots, and all my personal products. With that large luggage inside of the extra large luggage, I was able to place all of my school supplies in the border surrounding the other luggage. This meant I was able to condense everything inside of what looks like two luggages. 

Within the past year, I have visited over 14 countries. With this fact alone, I did not have to prepare myself physically nor mentally because I am already so used to not being home. This, however, will be the first time I will be gone for so long during a few family and friends’ birthdays and holidays. With this, I know I will miss them; however, I know that I will be able to stay in contact with all of them when I am able to.

I am mostly looking forward to the strangers that will turn into life-long friends and the for those friendships to turn into a big family. With both my fellow Miami FIU classmates and the Chinese FIU students, I am very excited for the full experience and for the personal growth and development I know I will achieve.

I’m ready for you China!

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