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Arrival/Start of Classes


Wow, right now all I can say is wow. I am having a blast in China thus far! The excitement and thrills of something new is astounding! I have already stepped outside of my comfort zone by trying eel and lamb. These foods that I do not eat in America surprisingly taste delicious.

Shortly after arrival, the group of international students went to the Tianjin Eye. It was a very interesting experience to see the ferris wheel and the beautiful scenery. We even tried dry, colorful ice that made smoke come out our nostrils and mouth. We walked around the beautiful landscape of Tianjin’s Eye. I even bought a chocolate puppy dessert!

The beginning of classes are just like America. I have a strict professor, but if you do all of your work on time and don’t miss class, you will be fine. I like all my classes because they are interesting and encourage participation. The students are eager to meet me and greeted me with welcoming arms. I am loving my stay in China thus far and I look forward to more adventures!

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