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Arrival/Start of Classes

By January 11, 2019January 22nd, 2019Marriott Tianjin China Program – Spring 2019

Hi All,

Today marks my first week in China. Exactly seven days ago, I, along with five other students began our four-month journey for the first time. Fortunately for our group, we had two other students who would be here for their second and third semester (Shivam and Nersi) to help us out. Also from the time we arrived, we had a group of Chinese students who were apart of the “Golden Panthers” working with us to get everything situated from bank accounts, sim cards, even meal cards. They’ve been a great help. I no longer have to stress about those things because they helped me sort it all out. 

Classes started this week just like at FIU.  We spent the first day just going over the syllabus and what is expected/needed for the class. All the professors seem nice and care about attendance. I don’t expect much difference on how classes are run here versus Miami. I’ll keep you guys posted, but I honestly don’t have too much to say since we didn’t really do anything yet.

The campus is huge, literally like a little town. Everything is on-campus – a supermarket, bank, barber, etc…. A lot of things you will need can be found here. They have multiple food places, even a three-story canteen, which is my personal favorite. And everything is so cheap here I spend less than $5 a day on food. I’m really enjoying my time here so far. 

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