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Arrival in Genoa


DAY 1:

After a beautiful night in Rome, the eternal city that effortlessly merges ancient ruins with a modern cosmopolitan vibe, Malwina and I got on our way to the airport to start the Hospitality in Genoa Program. After a smooth flight, we stepped off in Genoa, excited to begin our Genoese adventure. It was now time for Malwina and I to separate to discover our apartments. My apartment nestled in the heart of the old town, welcomed me with its cozy ambiance and true Genovese architecture. To get to it we had to walk through Genoa’s vibrant squares and narrow alleyways, which at first looked spooky, to unveil a beautiful little “piazza” and the huge green door of the building.

It was now time to meet with others from the group around a nice plate of pasta. We all got to know each other and laugh about our struggle to get to Genoa. Later that day we all had to meet Piazza di Ferrari for a brief orientation and gather over dinner. We savored traditional Ligurian dishes such as pesto Genovese, focaccia bread, and fresh seafood delicacies. Our taste buds danced with joy as we explored trattorias tucked away in the city’s charming corners, discovering new flavors and indulging in the simple pleasures of Italian cuisine.

DAY 2:

We all met again for a tour of the city. We embarked on a walking tour of Genoa’s captivating nooks and crannies. The city surprised us at every corner with its maze-like streets, picturesque harbor, and splendid medieval architecture. We then took the train to Nervi a close by city on the water. The weather was beautiful and the city reminded me of my hometown. As we strolled along the picturesque promenade, we couldn’t help but marvel at the crystal-clear waters and the breathtaking cliffs that hugged the coastline. We all agreed we would come back during our free day to enjoy it a bit longer.

Later, we took the train back to Genoa to learn about Genovese cuisine and cook a delicious meal. I enjoyed it so much, learning about the products and getting a taste of what slow food represents was truly eye opening. We all left the stomach filled and new recipes in hand.

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