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My first day on the Hospitality in the Caribbean study abroad program was GREAT! At the airport, I got to meet some of the most amazing individuals with whom I hope to maintain friendships over the years to come!

Our flight to Montego Bay, Jamaica, from Fort Lauderdale, was about an hour and some change, the flight was really smooth, and we arrived relatively quickly. After clearing customs and immigration, we were greeted by individuals who worked for Beaches, Ocho Rios and transported to the resort 🙂

The ride was long, but when we arrived at the resort, we were greeted with the BEST! Sesame street, cold towels, drinks, and SERVICE! It was lovely to see how the managers and staff of Beaches, Ocho Rios welcomed us!

But that’s not the best best part. The resort’s managers and staff held a welcome dinner for us on the beach with nothing but authentic Jamaican food, drinks, and music! I must admit, this was the highlight of my trip!


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