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The dress code was swimwear, sunscreen, shades, a beach hat, and good vibes. Next, we sailed in the catamaran to a snorkel site. I was extremely nervous as I had never snorkeled before. However, the safeguard, Andrew, guided me every step of the way. I’m so glad I faced my fear because seeing all the fish surrounding us was beautiful. After snorkeling, our next stop was Dunn’s river falls. The river is about 180 feet high and takes about one hour and 30 mins to climb. Arriving via boat made the view ten times better.

We headed towards where we met our tour guide, who helped us safely make it to the top. The water felt so amazing. After making it to the top, we headed back to the boat. Let the party begin! The boat crew welcomed us back with food, drinks, and good music. The crew sure knows how to party. After returning to the Beaches, we went to the water park for a few minutes. We later got dressed for our next water excursion, the luminous lagoon. It is one of the four in the world, and Jamaica is known to have a brightest blue color. It was exciting to see the water turn blue naturally. This was definitely “one for the books.”

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