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A Taste of The Caribbean: My day in Beaches Ocho Rios Kitchen

I’ve always been interested in the kitchen department so when I had the opportunity to work in the Kitchen of Beaches Ocho Rios Jamaica, I jumped at the opportunity. It was an Unforgettable experience that allowed me to meet incredible workers, hospitality in Jamaica and their cuisine. Here’s a glimpse into my Jamaican culinary adventure:

The beaches Ocho Rios Kitchen was busy yet an energetic place, with chefs and cooks showing to work in perfect harmony to prepare the breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet for the guests. As a member of the kitchen team, I was welcomed with open arms and got the opportunity to learn so much from the experienced chefs. They taught me from basic cooking skills, to secrets of Jamaican cooking, and even some cultural Jamaican dancing during our breaks. Working in the Beaches Ocho Rios Kitchen allowed me to meet some amazing people that allowed me to get a better insight into the work-field of kitchen. I met very talented people who were passionate about their work. I also had the opportunity to work different departments in the kitchen from, preparation station, cooking meals, and the pastry department.

Apart from working in the kitchen, One of the highlights of my time in Jamaica was getting to taste all the delicious Jamaican food. From jerk chicken to curry goat and Festivals, I was in spicy food heaven. I loved seeing the similarities from my own cultural foods in the Jamaican cuisine and the bold flavors and spices. I was impressed how the chefs created the dishes, and getting the chance to learn how to prepare some of the dishes myself, which was a real treat.

Overall, my experience while working in the Beaches Ocho Rios Kitchen was truly unforgettable. I learned a lot more than I could imagine, including meeting some amazing people along the way. The food, atmosphere, and hospitality was warm and welcoming. I would recommend this experience to anyone interested in the Kitchen department or anyone who loves food and learning new cultures.


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